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Disney Family Media Day

Last Saturday, we were invited to Disney Family Media Day at Disneyland and California Adventure. I took Angry Toddler, my BFF, Stacey, and her daughter, Stella with me. We arrived late in the afternoon because I worked earlier that morning. We also took the kids to lunch before we got there. As a parent, I know it is not good to start off a long day at Disneyland with hungry kids.

Our first stop was the Public Relations Holiday Reception in Frontierland. They had a wonderful display of treats set out. There was a also a DJ, facepainting, and a coloring area set up for the kids.

We then headed towards some rides in Tommorrowland. We went on Buzz Lightyear, and Stacey took the kids on Star Tours. I headed towards our lockers, since it was getting quite windy, and a little cold. Of course, we stuff our locker so full, it would not open. Good times. Luckily, an awesome employee, Frank, said it happens all the time, and helped me. We were able to get the backpacks out. Note to self: Do not stuff lockers because they won’t open.

I headed back towards It’s a Small World to meet up with Stacey and the kids. They were in awe of the Christmas Fantasy Parade. I don’t think that Angry Toddler has ever paid attention to an entire parade. He LOVED it. Stacey and I saw the parade a few weeks ago, on my birthday, we thought it was pretty swell too.

We then ran over to Big Thunder Ranch to check out the Reindeer. Very cool!! Angry Toddler kept trying to climb the fence to get a closer look. He got told several times to get down by employees. He wouldn’t listen to me, but he listened to the employee.

We pretty much ran back and forth the entire time. Stacey and I both got frustrated. It’s hard trying to fit in all these things to see with four year olds. Especially four year olds with completely different personalities. We saw as much as we could. The kids finally got super tired and fell asleep in the stroller. They did not stay awake for the Fireworks, so we chose to leave. It was a very long day.

Luckily, this was my third time to enjoy Disneyland during the Holidays!! So, I got to enjoy the Fireworks twice already. Seriously, they are fabulous and a must see!

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Wordless Wednesday Disney

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I just want to give a big THANKS to The Disneyland Resort and their Public Relations Team for inviting us to this event!

Disclosure: I was provided tickets to Disneyland/Disneyland’s California Adventure. We also received priority seating wristbands for the parade and other events.

My Crazy, Birthday Saturday

I posted on Saturday about my love/hate of my birthday. I was in a pretty cranky mood Friday night. I knew that Saturday would be crazy so I had to do some prepping. Since I work weekends, it’s very hard to get the Angry Family all in one place at one time. Angry Husband promised me over two years ago, that we could take a family photo. Angry Husband hates photos, so we don’t have any family photos. Angry Toddler is four and a half. I think it’s time.

We met up with Jen Johnson, a fellow blogger, friend, and photographer. She is now the “Official Angry Julie Photographer”. She’s taken all my awesome profile photos for my blog. I had coordinated outfits for the photo shoot, that matched, but were no matchy-matchy. I decided against something seasonal since we might not get another family picture for a few years. Angry Toddler had mud all over his pants and shoes by the time it was all over. Jen took the photographs at this beautiful location in Orange County. It’s the same place that had the Pumpkin Patch that we visited in October.

After running around like crazy people, the Angry Family headed to a birthday party. Not my party, but one of Angry Toddler’s friends. His friend’s mom told us that it was a “dress up party” and that Angry Toddler should wear his Halloween costume, Jango Fett. I looked all over the house for that costume Saturday morning, and I could not find it. I should have known better, because it was in the rear cargo area of my Tahoe. Angry Toddler put on/removed that costume at least five times during the party. He is a sweaty kid. I knew all that bouncing around would make him hot. The big surprise at the birthday party was a “guest appearance” by Obi-Wan and Darth Vader. Seriously the kids went crazy. These guys were truly awesome. The kids all received light sabers and battled with Darth Vader.

I hung out in the background, took 200 or 300 photographs and talked with the other moms. Yea, we all decided, we are screwed. How can we top this? I mean Obi-Wan and Darth Vader don’t come to hang out every day? Angry Toddler was hilarious though. He came and whispered to me, “that is not the real Darth Vader. He is wearing a costume. Ok mama.” I can only imagine what he will say when it’s time for Santa this year.

After leaving the party and napping for umm, about 30 minutes, I headed to Disneyland with The BFF, Stacey. Stacey’s birthday was last week, and she didn’t get a chance to take advantage of her free birthday ticket. Since I’m a annual passholder, I used my birthday gift aka ticket to get her in. I was pretty excited because it was the second day of their Holiday decorations. Amazing, and we weren’t disappointed at all. Our first stop was the parade, we watched in amazement. We then headed to the “big kid” rides. Angry Husband had taken Angry Toddler to my mom’s house for the night. He wasn’t feeling well earlier, but he decided to make a detour and head to Disneyland. He enjoyed a few rides with us, fireworks, and Fantasmic.

Stacey jumped for joy, a tiny bit in the parking structure. She had realized how nice it was, to be going to Disneyland without a stroller, and kid. We love the kids, but sometimes, we “adults” need to have some fun at Disneyland too. It was fun to run around, careless, and not worry about whining and/or jackets, and/or hunger, and/or whining.

Yes, we had to get these beautiful headbands. We were festive like that. I have serious issues with flash pictures. My eyes also close, and Stacey, well she was bright eyed. Angry Husband took the photo for us.

As for the rest of the Disney photos…you will see them throughout the next two months in my Disney Wordless Wednesdays, and other posts. I took, umm, a few hundred or so.

I think I got over my birthday blues, once the sparkly headband made it onto my head!