CDM Scenic 5K 2014 Race Recap

I’m usually a planner but at the last minute {the night before}, I decided to run a race. My CrossFit box, CrossFit Fly had signed up as a team to do the Corona Del Mar Scenic 5K. I had a babysitter for the kid, so I figured why not. I got up a little early, because I was worried about parking, and headed off to the race.

CDM Scenic 5K

The starting line had a beautiful view of Corona del Mar State Beach, and the weather was perfect for running! Runners love overcast weather! Before the race we got our group together and did a little warm-up and stretching. As usual, I needed lots of stretching because my hamstrings were tight. And then, we took a few photos!

CDM Scenic 5K 2014

We headed towards the starting line and got ready to race. The men started 25 minutes prior, and we had our own start for the women running the 5K.

CDM Scenic 5K

Oh, but wait…before I run my race. I need to have a photo taken of my race outfit, right? Outfit for the day: Black Under Armour Heat Gear visor, CrossFit Fly tank top, Sparkle Athletic Rainbow Checkboard Skirt, and New Balance 890v4 shoes.

CDM Scenic 5K 2014

And then we started running….

Right after we started running, I heard someone calling my name. It was Heather, one of my running friends. Her daughter was running the race also. Her daughter ran a spectacular time and actually placed 3rd in her age division. Heather was cheering my name, and she even took a picture of me. I look like I was picking my nose in the picture, which is why I’m not going to post it (hahahaha). Heather has a history of taking the most awesome race photos of me. She has a photo of me puking from last summer.

Luckily, we had our very own race photographer for our group. Brian came out to take pictures of our team, while his wife was competing in a local CrossFit competition. He race over there right after though…

CDM Scenic 5K 2014

And because I like to make crazy faces when I’m running past photographers at races. I have several race photos where I make this crazy face with my hands in the air. Freak!

There were a ton of hills in the course. I always forget about that when I do races in Corona del Mar and Newport Beach. While I was running this race, it reminded me of the OC Half Marathon. I ran in this same area as part of the course in 2013. I should have remembered all of the hills, but of course, I didn’t.

I had  a few setbacks during the race. At mile 2, my shoelaces came untied. I had to untie them to put the timing chip on, and I didn’t re-tie them tight enough. And then part way during the course, I had to use my inhaler, because my asthma was coming on.

But I PR’ed! A new personal record for 5K races for me! Yippee!

We also took a post-race sweaty picture! We had several people who PR’ed in our group!

CDM Scenic 5K 2014

They have a huge restaurant row breakfast after the race, but I didn’t stay {wait in a really long line} for that. I had a busy day Saturday, and had to head off to Anaheim to watch friends compete in a CrossFit competition. I always forget about 5K races, they are so fast and fun!

My next race is in a little over a week from now, The Renegade Trail Series #1, on June 19th. This is the 1st race of 3 summer trail runs! I did two of them last year and had a blast.

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