The OC (Half) Marathon and The Beach Cities Challenge 2013

In October of 2012, I ran my first half marathon, The Long Beach Half Marathon. The Long Beach Half Marathon was the first race in a series of three races for The Beach Cities Challenge. The second race was The Surf City Half Marathon in February of 2013. In May, I was set to finish The Beach Cities Challenge by completing The OC Half Marathon.

I figured that I should finally do this post since the 2014 OC Marathon is coming up this week!

Race outfit prep. A little @nuunhydration, some @runteamsparkle and my @brooksrunning PureFlow 2. Awesome friend @themfdre mailed me her Nuun singlet so I could wear it for the race! #ochalf #ocmarathon #nuunambassador #runhappy #pureproject

I was training non-stop during spring time last year. I had already completed a 10K, 2 half marathons, ran Ragnar Relay, and was an alternate for another relay team when The OC Half came around. I was ready to run!

I had the perfect out for the race already. I was a Nuun Hydration ambassador so I wore my Nuun singlet, along with a Sparkle Athletic skirt with shorts under it, and my Brooks PureFlow2.

Getting ready to start the OC Marathon Half!

I had trained and I was ready…of course, I had to take a pre-race selfie. I was literally running a bit late to the race, and had no time for any other pre-race photos. I usually sign up for races with friends, and I was on my own for this race, no biggie!

The course was beautiful and scenic. I wish I would have taken pictures along the way….but alas I was trying to run a good race and run faster. The weather was also perfect, not too hot and not too cold.

I loved this course the most out of all three of the races (Long Beach 1/2, Surf City 1/2, and OC 1/2) for the Beach Cities medal. If I was to do any of the races again, I would do The OC Marathon again.

Finally completed the Beach Cities Challenge at the @ocmarathon half today! Couldn't have done it without my @runteamsparkle skirt and visor plus @nuunhydration singlet! #ocmarathon #ochalf #teamsparkle
I successfully completed the OC Half Marathon and Beach Cities Challenge. Plus, I PR’ed (got my fastest 1/2 marathon ever, up until that point). Yeehaw!!!

OC Marathon 2013

Cause really, it is about all the bling, right?

2012-2013 Beach Cities Challenge

All of my medals for The Beach Cities Challenge from 2012-2013. Those medals represent a lot. My first half marathon ever was The Long Beach Half Marathon, and my fastest half marathon up to that point was The OC Half Marathon.  Between the start and finish of this challenge, I had ran five half marathons in seven months.

Eventually, I will get all of my race recaps done. I’ve been a bit swamped lately, and sometimes, it is hard to focus on my computer when I just want to sleep.