Netflix Stream Team

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are always my own.

We are a busy family, and even though we love our TV watching, we rarely have the time. My husband and I both work, and my son is busy with school and sports. When we watch TV, it usually Internet-based shows or movies. We have tons of movies on our computer that we watch digitally, plus a Netflix streaming account.

Netflix Stream Team #streamteam

I was recently chosen to be part of Netflix’s Stream Team. Which is pretty awesome since everyone in my family uses Netflix daily! As part of the Stream Team, they sent me a Roku 3, which was completely new to me. Not only is the Roku awesome for streaming Netflix, but my favorite part is the headphone jack that is built into the Roku remote control. My husband likes to watch shows that I have no desire to even see, and he now wears headphones while watching these shows.

You can also stream and watch Netflix on the following devices:

  • Game Consoles {XBOX 360, XBOX One, Wii, PS3, PS4, WiiU}
  • Blu-ray Players {See Netflix for specific list}
  • HDTV TVs {See Netflix for specific list}
  • Set-Top Boxes {See Netflix for specific list}
  • Home Theater Systems {See Netflix for specific list}
  • Phones, Tablets, and Computers

Netflix Profiles

One of my favorite things that Netflix added a few months ago was the “User Profiles”. We have a profile set-up for each member of our family. Profiles allow different members of your household to have their own, personalized Netflix experience, built around the movies and TV shows they enjoy. You can create up to five individual profiles within a single Netflix account. We also have our son’s account “flagged” as a kid’s account which has parental controls and is set for “kid-friendly” viewing and for under age 12 viewers.

Each profile allows for its own:

  • Personalized movie and TV show suggestions
  • Recently Watched list
  • Ratings & Reviews
  • Taste preferences
  • My List

Binge Watching on Netflix

But really, what do we really do with Netflix in our house? We BINGE watch shows. I have been known to start a show that I have never watched before, and spending an entire week watching multiple seasons of the show. A little over a year ago, I spent all of my free time watching the show, LOST. I could not stop! My husband recently caught up with the show, Supernatural, and my son is OBSESSED with Pokémon right now.

My husband is currently looking for a new show to watch on Netflix, so if you have any suggestions, let me know! I’m also in-between shows. Of course, the kid watches the same stuff over and over and over again!


Any suggestions for some new shows to binge on?

Disclosure: This post is sponsored by Netflix as a part of my participation on the Netflix Stream Team. All opinions are always my own.


I love House of Cards and Orange is the New Black - which you can only watch on Netflix :)

just curious how did you get on the Netflix stream team? I wish I got that - lol 


Try Brooklyn Nine-Nine--only one season but so great!! I didn't see you at Disney a week ago, did I?


not having Netflix, I am not sure if they are available but have you watched any of the British shows on PBS such as Foyles War, roseary and thyme, vera, Doc Martin, as time goes bye ETC.

angryjuliemonday moderator

@brendalynne1  Yep. My favorite British show is Call The Midwife. :) We are trying to get rid of our cable, so I'm starting to watch my shows online mostly.