Renegade Racing Representative

I have been chosen as a “representative” or “ambassador” for Renegade Racing for 2014. I’m super excited to be a part of this group! They are a fabulous local company, and I love doing local races!

2014 Renegade Racing Reps

I had the opportunity to volunteer at two of their iTry events in the past year and had a blast. Because racing is not always about running. I think that sometimes you also need to “give a little back” and volunteer too. I had a great experience helping out, giving information, and assisting with the race staff.

And it is probably a good thing that I have umm excellent customer service skills because athletes can get a bit cranky and rude at race events. Geez people, we are just trying to follow the rules on put on a fantastic event. Be nice to the race staff and volunteers, they are here for you!

Race volunteering at the @renegaderaceseries iTry in Laguna Niguel today! Come visit me at the Renegade booth! #renegaderaces #iTry #triathlon #running #race

Renegade Racing always has awesome awards for their division and overall winners! And I never leave one of their races without an amazing medal either! They even have kid’s race which is great for getting your entire family involved!

Reflecting on last weekend's @renegaderaceseries #coasterrun and thinking about my next race. Waiting to hear about the @marinecorpsmarathon lottery, and searching for my "A Game" race to kick ass and PR! I will always have my @sparkleathletic skirts on t

 So be sure to check out my Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram accounts with news about upcoming races, discounts, and even race entry giveaways from Renegade Racing!!!

Renegade Race Series
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