The Magical Mile, Working on my Speedwork

Last weekend, I posted a picture on ¬†Instagram. I was at a local high school running laps on the track. Although I have not been doing regular “long runs”, I have been working on my speed. I can keep running half marathons, PR, but my speed needed a little work.

The Magical Mile, Speedwork on The Track

I’ve done speedwork before, mostly on the treadmill. I find that it is a little easier to focus on my speed and form with a smoother running surface. When I go out and run in my neighborhood, I’m constantly bad drivers, bicyclists, and even people walking their dogs. It is amazing how someone can be out walking their dog and not even pay attention. I’ve had many dogs try to attack me without the dog walker even noticing. It is hard to be speedy…when you are trying to deal with all of these “situations” when going out for a run.

I’ve learned that Yasso 800s are the best thing to do when trying to get faster, or speedier (is that even a word?). I usually hold on to some part of the treadmill, crank up the speed and start running. I’ve learned from Kelly that when the speed starts up, the treadmill can get a bit scary. I have also learned from myself, seeing as I had a little “treadmill incident” in 2011 when I hurt/bruised my arm pretty bad. That bruise took forever to go away and hurt for weeks!

I tried working on my treadmill speedwork a few weeks ago and could just not get into it. I’m not sure what it was. It had been awhile since I was in the gym. I’m not sure if it is all my Crossfit lately or the fact that I needed some fresh air, but I was not getting into the groove. I got my run in, at a decent pace, but I was just not motivated.

Goal Achieved, My 8-Minute Mile

So last weekend, the first day of daylight savings, I went to a local high school and did some running on the track. I made sure that I was running on a rubberized track because I wanted a smoother surface rather than a dirt track. I actually messaged Heather and asked her about, “which schools in our city had rubber tracks?” Her oldest daughter is a super fast-kick ass runner and I know that Heather would know all about our local tracks.

Did I mention that it was 6pm when I finally made it to the track to start running? And it was super warm…and I was a little dehydrated! Ya that! I did not realize how warm it was and how my “speed” was going to make me super duper thirsty. I was pretty much running the track by myself until another guy showed up. He seemed to be having hydration issues also because he kept stopping for water about every 400 meters (one lap around the track) or so.

I had a time goal when I started running the track. I wanted to get to at least an 8-minute mile. I’m all over with my times lately, so I can’t even tell you what my average pace is when I going out running for a few miles in my neighborhood, maybe 9:45 or 9:30? But I pushed myself, I ran the #1 lane which was closest to the interior field area of the track. Well I got my 8-minute mile my very first mile that I ran that night. I was pretty proud of myself. Especially since I have slowed down on my running lately. Eight minutes might not seem fast for everyone but when you started at thirteen minute miles only two years ago, it is a pretty good pace.

Post run on the track

Just a little to note to self though, it might be nice to hydrate a little more when you are going out to run, and run fast! Especially when you are out running in a Nuun singlet. You kind of look like an idiot. Giggle.

I’m going to try and work on speedwork more often. I can tell that doing CrossFit three times has helped my strength though. I could feel it in my arms and legs when I was running. Maybe I can PR at the 5K that I’m doing on Sunday.

Runners…Do you have any tips for speedwork? Or how do you do speedwork?