Ten on Tuesday, The March Edition

It’s Tuesday and it is already starting to look like spring around here in Orange County. It was beautiful last weekend and the weather was in the low 80s. I am not a fan of cold weather plus I love love love daylight savings.

And since I am a bit scatter brained lately, I will share my “Top 10″ things for this week.

10 on Tuesday

1. The Bachelor

I’ve never been a big fan of that show. I watched a few episodes this season. I could not get past Juan Pablo’s accent. It made me a little crazy. When I think of Juan Pablo, I think “le douchebag”. The whole thing was a trainwreck.

If you are in for some online entertainment, Kristen and Sarah do video recaps of The Bachelor every week.

2. My Hair

Wore my hair down yesterday and only put a little product in. Proof that I have natural curly hair. Nobody believes me. #pixiegrowout #pixieproject

I’ve been growing out my hair since August of 2011. My hair was very short, like 1″ long. I’m still getting used to having long hair. My hair is also very curly. I’ve been wearing in a ponytail, pigtails, and even braids. But when my hair is down and I have an event to go to, I love it!

3. Chores

I gave the husband a chore list the other day. I got this picture sent to me later that day. Child labor. I like that he is using a pylo box to access the dryer. I heart my @boschhomeus washer and dryer! #childlabor #crossfitkid

The kid is getting old enough to do chores now. Even though we only have one child, we are super busy in our house. With both parents working, and a busy 8 year old, stuff doesn’t get done. On my husband’s days off from work, I make a “to do” list. Most of the time, the list is made with intentions of my husband doing several or most of these projects. Obviously the laundry has been outsourced to the kid.

I guess everyone in the house is using my pylo boxes. Whether it be for box jumps or as a step stool.

4. Binge Watching of TV Shows

Have you ever had a marathon of TV watching? Or hyper-focused on a certain TV show? These “binge watches” started a few years ago with me when I watched the show, LOST, on Netflix. Anytime I have an hour or so, I would watch an episode of LOST. It took me about a month to finish the entire series. After LOST was over, I continued my binges with Alias, Dexter, Veronica Mars, Breaking Bad, Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, and now True Detective.

True Detective is on HBO. The season finale just happened. I started it last night and I have already watched two episodes.

What will be my next binge show?

5. Running

Two words: Speedwork Sucks. The only way that I can achieve my fiitness goals is to do things that I loathe sometimes. Had to hop on that dreaded treadmill for some miles. #speedwork #instarunner #fitfluential #renegaderaces #sweatyselfie

My running has slowed down lately. My last half marathon was in November. I’ve done a 10K and a few 5Ks since then. I started CrossFit recently and I’m working on my strength now. My legs are strong from running, but the rest of me is a hot mess.

When I have ran lately, it has been low mileage. I usually only do 3-4 miles. I have been doing some speedwork to get faster. I ran on the treadmill last week and I felt like I was dying. Last year, I was running about 25-30 miles a week, spread over 5 days… Lately, I run about 2 days a week.

6. Pinterest


I was an original user of the site, Pinterest, when it first started. I use it as a bookmarking feature. My boards are expanding and I’m starting to work on organizing them more. I love all of the beautiful things on Pinterest. And I’m pretty obsessed with their iPhone app also.

7. Hockey

Inline Hockey, Winter 2013.jpg

My son is still obsessed with hockey. He plays inline hockey at a local rec program. His skills have greatly improved this season. I’m not sure if it is all the practicing, camps, games, or my parents offering him cash for goals, but something is working! It is almost playoffs and then a break before the next season.

8. PicMonkey

It is the 2 year anniversary of the online photo editing company, PicMonkey. I am so grateful for services like this. I go in spurts with my photography and photo editing. Photoshop, Lightroom, and all of those other programs confuse me. I never have enough time to sit down and learn how to use those programs. But PicMonkey has been my photo editing BFF for a solid 2 years now. I highly suggest using this site!

9. Summer Camp

OC kids helping promote their favorite summer camp @catalinaislandcamps at the @parentingocmag Camp Jamboree today! #iheartcamp #campchat #cic #catalinaislandcamps

Spring Break hasn’t even happened yet and we are thinking about summer camp in our house. I have my calendar printed out and things already “inked in” during June, July, and August. Deposits and payments are already due for some camps.

On Sunday, the kid and I attended a Summer Opportunities Jamboree here in Orange County. My son’s favorite camp, Catalina Island Camps was at the event, and my son put on his camp shirt and helped give information to potential campers and parents during the event. He cannot wait to go back to camp this summer.

Have you even thought about summer and summer camp yet? I’m starting to freak out already!

10. Pokémon

pokemon cake pops.jpg

My son and his friends are obsessed with Pokémon cards. They collect them, they trade them, they discuss them. I’m not sure where the obsession came from. But my son spends all of the money that he gets on those cards. He attended a friend’s birthday party last weekend and the mom made Pokémon cake pops, which was super creative!

Anyone else’s kids obsessed with this?