What a month! Is it January yet?

What a month! It has been so crazy and hectic, that I haven’t had time to blog. Seriously with work, my son’s hockey games/practices/etc. and attempting to run, I barely have any free time. Has everyone else been just as busy, or is it just me?

Photo Booth Fun with @BlahBlahBlahger

This is visual proof of my crazy life!

I’ve been doing a bootcamp with my friends on Monday nights, and JJ’s Annual Holiday Party just happened to be on a Monday night. I texted JJ that I would be coming to her party in workout attire because I had “worked all day, was going to bootcamp, and I did not have time to stop at home and change.” I entertained everyone that night with my “holiday themed” workout attire. You can’t see my awesome compression socks in this photo, but they really made the outfit.

I got to spend some time rehashing the past umm two years with Ashley and her husband, Jeff. I can’t figure out whom is more entertaining, me or them? They pretty much know everything that is going on in my life, from my Instagram account. And I think Ashley wants a clone of my son, because my stories and photos of him always make her smile.

Wait, did I mention that JJ had a photo booth set-up on her tiny condominium deck for the party? YES! It was awesome! I wish I would have taken more photos. But at least I captured one with the hostess!

So I will end with this right now…more to come…

Running, Hockey, Christmas, and much much more!


Belaated Merry Christmas and a Happy Healthy and Prosperous New Year. Even us oldies are too busy during this time period. BUT it is ostly good busy. Always good to have catch up blogs and know that your little guy is not unhealthy.