Thanksgiving Weekend, or ummm week

I’ve been rather busy these days, with things like work, kid, running, hockey, laundry, sleeping….rinse and repeat. Seriously!

My son was off of school the entire week of Thanksgiving. It is very hard when both parents work full-time to drop everything for an entire week. But we managed. My parents had the kid a few days, my husband entertained on his days off, and I filled in the voids.

I was scheduled to work on Thanksgiving Day along with my husband, my mom, and several of our friends. We had our big “turkey meal” on Wednesday, the day before. I actually worked during the day on Wednesday, so my husband made the feast while I was working. Yay husband! Now I’m hungry again. I want leftovers! Oh wait, we had such a large group, we didn’t have any.

Thanksgiving Wednesday. Since everyone has to work on actual Thanksgiving. #foodcoma

On Thanksgiving Day, I worked again…and also feasted again. That is, had a delicious breakfast. Cinnamon Roll French Toast. Need I say more?

If you have to work on a holiday, you might as well go out to breakfast! Until chaos happens and your co-worker tosses her credit card at you and runs out of the restaurant.

After doing a child swamp with the husband after I got off work, I chilled out at home with the kid on Thanksgiving. Then I went out shopping at midnight, totally not planned. My parents wanted to get the kid an XBox One….so apparently, I had to go out and find one for them to gift to the kid. Yay me! But got one! And then I was all warm and comfy in my bed, soon after that acquisition.


My BFF likes to scare me! I was a bit traumatized by her first #elfontheshelf post of the Holiday Season. I’ve done the “Elf On The Shelf” thing for the past few years. But it is a huge commitment. I almost forgot to move the Elf several times. I might do it later in the season because wow, I can’t keep it up for 30 days, insane!

Gamer Kid

While I slept in a little, and played on my phone…I guess my kid woke up, and kept himself entertained. He was eating saltine crackers for breakfast. At least he is self sufficient. Yay!

The first of two goals in a row for @anaheimducks today! With @puckfarmer @herbashark and my kid today! #anaheimducks #nhl #hockey

On Friday afternoon, I took my son to his first NHL Hockey Game, The Anaheim Ducks vs. The Calgary Flames. It was fun watching the game as my son actually knew something about the sport. He kept asking questions, but mostly he liked watching all the fights. I think seeing the fights against the boards is his favorite part of hockey.

Took the kid to @daisojapanca to get origami paper tonight. He is getting incredibly frustrated and has turned to YouTube video tutorials.

My son kept talking about making origami projects and he wanted origami paper over the weekend. Luckily, we live in the perfect area, because there is a Diaso Japan store locally. He had quite the selection of origami paper to chose from, plus it is cheap.

The rest of the weekend was spent relaxing, running (for me), and my husband and I attended a 25th wedding anniversary party. Then it was back to the grind, of work and school. Luckily, my son only has 3 weeks till Christmas Break, and that means I need to get my Christmas shopping done asap! Oh, and do some sort of Holiday card. Yikes, talk about last minute panic!


does the origami also translate into some Christmas décor.  You are so blessed with this ever interested learning young man.