Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It Or Not {Discovery Science Center}

My 8-year old son is a huge science nut. Math and science are his favorite subjects. When I told him that we were going to Discovery Science Center a couple of weeks ago, he screamed with excitement. We were going to see their newest exhibits Spooky Science and The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not.

Spooky Science at Discovery Cube

Discovery Science Center is celebrating Halloween Time 2013 from October 5-October 31st, 2013 with a Spooky Science exhibit. Explore pumpkins of all sizes, shapes and colors and investigate the seeds inside them. Learn about the phases of the moon, explore a spooky 3-D maze, check out spiders of all sizes and colors, and much more!

On weekends, you can make your own slime to take home, join their costume parade extravaganza, see a SPOOKtacular light show, enjoy Spooky Science stage shows, and trick or treat.


Photo via Kelly

On October 26 & 27th-A special weekend event is filled with pumpkins and Jack-O-Lanterns. Guests can enjoy a display of expertly designed Jack-O-Lanterns and a giant pumpkin from Tanaka Farms.

One of my favorite things todo is catch @according2kelly staging her Instagrams. She is so precise when she does it. She was taking pictures of the pumpkin while her daughter was decorating a pumpkin @discoverycube last night #spookyscience #scienceripley
 Kelly taking some pumpkin pictures while her daughter decorates a pumpkin.

The Science of Ripley's Believe It Or Not

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Notis a new exhibit which is open until January 5, 2014. The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! features an extraordinary collection of intriguing objects and astonishing artifacts from Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Go places you’ve never imagined and explore the real science behind the unbelievable.

  • Crawl through a life-size model of a prehistoric snake and revel at its incredible size
  • Measure up against Robert Wadlow, the world’s tallest man, who grew to 8 feet 11 inches tall
  • Marvel at intricate micro-sculptures so small, they fit in the eye of a needle

Oh look it's Bumblebee @DiscoveryCube #spookyscience #scienceripleys

Mr. Ripley was an explorer extraordinaire who traveled the world, collecting artifacts and stories from the remarkable people and places he encountered.

Hear from the adventurer himself about what drove his curiosity into the unknown, and see some of the actual objects that he collected. Browse through decades of cartoons by, letters for, and video of the man behind the Ripley Entertainment Inc. franchise.

Did you know?

An ocean current from a tsunami carried a boy’s soccer ball from Japan all the way to Alaska!

It's not everyday that you end up in the mouth of a snake. #SpookyScience #ScienceRipleys

We live on an amazing planet that is full of incredible phenomena, which may appear unbelievable at a first glance. From geologic formations such as gigantic mineral crystals, to exploding killer lakes, there is a scientific explanation behind every wonder of the natural world. We can learn about how different our earth was in the past by studying evidence such as fossils preserved in the rocks.

Did you know?

The human body is very adaptive-like one woman who lived with a thermometer in her lungs for 44 years!

The Science of Ripley's Believe It or Not

Did you know?

Humans, dogs and cats can be born with extra fingers and toes, a condition known as polydactylism.

The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not is included in general admission. Tickets can be purchased at the science center or online.


We had a blast and my son learned a ton of new science facts. He was in heaven there. Seriously, Discovery Science Center is his favorite place to visit in Orange County.

I highly recommend going there soon to check out these new exhibits!

Disclosure: We were invited to attend an event at Discovery Science Center to check out their new exhibits. We were given admission to the center and also The Science of Ripley’s Believe It or Not. All photographs are mine unless noted. All opinions are mine. I was not compensated with cash for this post.



This post suppose to me an educative post for kids but believe me I just learned a lot through reading such science based details. Great fun you guys have had on that discovery science center and I'm looking forward to take my kids to that center next week. Thanks.



what great fun. Thought you would like to know hat whatever different you may have done your photos turned out great WITHOUT  the message that there was a challenge obtaining them.