October, Week 2, Just More Crazy

Hello Monday!

Hello Crazy!

Hello Running!

I’ve been quite the slacker on my running lately. My last half marathon was The Disneyland Half in early September. I barely trained for it. I was a bit whiner prior. I’ve decided to actually follow a training plan again. It keeps me accountable. So that’s why I went out and ran in the rain last week.

Totally cheesy "I am idiot and just ran in the pouring rain" face. As I opened the garage, I got a towel thrown at me. I felt guilty about not running yesterday.

Hello DMV!

I went to an event last week where I just grabbed a coin pouch to take with me. Unfortunately, I lost that coin pouch which contained my ATM card and driver’s license. My driver’s license was actually up for renewal anyway. So I went to the DMV on my lunch break. There were actually a few positives: 1. new id picture, 2. lower weight on my license, 3. I was only there for 20 minutes!

Lost wallet. Driver's license renewal due anyway. My lunch is being spent at the DMV. Sigh...

Hello Hydration Belt!

I knew I was going for a long run last Thursday. I lost my medium-sized belt. I had to wear my XL one. I used binder clips to make it smaller. They worked for my 10-mile run. But when I got home, I ordered a medium size. Yippee!

Ummm ya...lost my smaller Nathan Hydration belt. I need to buy a new one but keep forgetting. I made it tighter today with binder clips. #classyrunner

Hello Morning!

My son is not a morning person. He hates getting up. I swear he is like a teenage most days. We got up early Saturday morning to go shooting in the desert. He was barely awake!

Someone doesn't like mornings.

Hello Paracord Crafts!

My son was quite busy making bracelets and collars on Saturday. This is how you entertain a kid when you take away the iPad. It worked!

He has been a little busy making paracord bracelets. He even made himself a collar, ummm dog collar? #crafts #paracord

Hello Graveyard Pudding Dessert!

Delicious. Our friend, Laura, made this tasty treat. Chocolate pudding, Oreos crumbled, more cookies, and candy. I think this is a similar recipe or what it was based on.

Graveyard pudding crumbled cookie deliciousness by @loaura_r #halloween #sugarawesomeness

Hello New Week!

Hello to Fall Hockey Season for my son!

He starts this week. We are back to practices and games. Along with the usual homework, and everything else that he has. Does it ever end?

How was your weekend? Did you do anything fun?