Almost Wordless Wednesday (ok maybe not): Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

Last Friday, we (the family) and I went to Disneyland for Mickey’s Halloween Party. We have attended the event for several years and my son loves it. Actually we all love it. It is our favorite time of the year at Disneyland, HalloweenTime.

I had already purchased a Halloween costume for my son, several weeks earlier. He was a spartan. Yes, totally random, but totally him. I had never worn a costume to Mickey’s Halloween Party before, but my friend, Kelly, was wearing a costume. So of course, I went into total panic mode. I came up with a costume, and the shirt that I needed for my costume, did not arrive in time.

About 12pm on Friday, I had a freak out and pretty much considered not dressing up. I think pulled out all of my running costumes and attempted to pull something together. And I did. I ended up dressing up as Alice in Wonderland. Almost everything that I wore that night was found in my house. The turquoise shirt was a dry-fit from Costco. My turquoise skirt was a Sparkle Athletic skirt. The white knee highs were from a previous race, bought at Target. The Mary Janes were from Goodwill, purchased over a year ago (brand new). So you are probably wondering where the apron and peter pan collar came from?

Well my son came home from school that day with a stomach ache. I knew that he wasn’t super sick, and most likely was overly tired and had not eaten enough earlier in the day. So going to the fabric store was a no-go as he refused. I went and hunted through my fabric stash in my office and found no extra fabric but I did find a white pillow case. So I proceeded to chop up and sew an apron and the collar. If you look at the detail close-up, my craftmanship was janky but it worked for one night. I wanted some eyelet lace for the apron straps, and my husband got that on the way home from work. So yes, I actually made the apron and collars, from a pillow case. Who knew? I was crafty, but also cranky! Because I kept pulling up tutorials and was working on my project up to the very last minute.

Darth Vader and Alice in Wonderland

So after constructing my costume, enjoying a fabulous night at Disneyland with all of the super cool activities during HalloweenTime, my night ended with a bit of the dark side. Yep, I stood in line at 11:45pm to get a photo with Darth Vader before Disneyland closed for the night. Yes, my night was made. And my son was super jealous the other day when he saw this picture.

Mickey’s Halloween Party was an absolute blast. This was probably my most favorite visit ever. Maybe because I wore a costume to the event for the first time ever?

I will be writing about Disneyland, Mickey’s Halloween Treat and HalloweenTime more at a later date, but if you are even thinking about attending the event (dates are selling out FAST), here are some of the awesome events that take place:

  • Monsters U Dance Party at Tomorrowland Terrace featuring Mike & Sulley in a spirited Monster Scare-Off.
  • Halloween Screams, a boo-tiful fireworks spectacular —exclusive viewing for Mickey’s Halloween Party Guests.
  • Special trick-or-treat stations with candy and healthy goodies.
  • Mickey’s Costume Party Cavalcade, a Halloween parade presented for Party Guests.
  • Access to nearly all attractions, including all the Halloween-themed attractions such as Space Mountain Ghost Galaxy and Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  • Disney Villains encounters as they prowl the grounds.
  • Photo ops with popular Disney and Pixar Pals, and Disney Villains.
  • Dance parties with lively music, creepy crafts and activities for the whole family, and the chance to eat, drink and be (not so) scary throughout the park.

Mickey’s Halloween Party dates for 2014 are: Friday, Sept. 27 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 1; Friday, Oct. 4 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 8 (sold out); Friday, Oct. 11 (sold out); Tuesday, Oct. 15; Friday, Oct. 18 (sold out); Monday, Oct. 21; Wednesday, Oct. 23; Friday, Oct. 25 (sold out); Monday, Oct. 28; Wednesday, Oct. 30; and Thursday, Oct. 31. 


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Disclosure: I was invited to Mickey’s Halloween Party along with my family. We were given free tickets to enjoy the night. I was not paid (compensated) with cash. All opinions and photographs are mine. I apologize for all of my rambling, but seriously, Darth Vader?