Hello Monday…It Has Been Awhile

Hello Monday!

Hello to the start of a new week!

Hello to bad things happening last week.

I miss-judged a pole in my work parking lot and hit it. Dumb! Luckily that portion of my bumper is soft plastic. My husband banged most of the dent out. I still have some scratches on my bumper but it doesn’t look as bad as it did before.

So ya, this happened today. I'm an idiot. And I obviously need more sleep!

Hello hydration!

I’ve not been drinking a ton of water lately. I had to amp it up! I bought a 40 oz. Hydro Flask so that I could be cool like my husband and all his friends. But I have to admit, this container always stays cool. I used to use a Sigg water bottle before I got this one. My water did not stay cold. I also use Nuun in my water.

Morning routine. Filling up the 40 oz. @hydroflask with watermelon @nuunhydration. Just received a huge order of watermelon after I freaked out that it was going away! #hydroflask #nuun #workdaymusthydrate

Hello Panera Bread salad!

Hello Apple iOS7!

I waited patiently until it was promptly 11am the other day so that I could get a salad at bbq chicken salad at Panera Bread.

I downloaded the new Apple iOS7 for my iPhone5 last week also. They added filters into their stock camera function. I used the these filters on this picture. I think the color is very rich and perfect for this photo.

I went and looked at a lot of tips, tricks, and tutorials about iOS7 online this weekend. I’m not so confused about the features any more and I’m very pleased with it. I am helping friends and co-workers to figure out the changes on their phones also.

My husband got the iPhone 5s and he loves it!

Early lunch @PaneraBread today. Starving!

Hello sandbox mischief!

We live relatively close to a park. My son loves to dig holes over there. Well he dug the hole so big over the weekend, that he could sit in it with the sand around it at his shoulder level. I just knew that this was going to cause trouble.

Sure enough the next day, while he was digging in the sand with his friends, the HOA people came by. I went to the front yard of our house and grabbed the shovel. You can only guess who filled in the hole! The HOA employees went on and on about someone falling in the hole, etc. Sigh….

My son's job this week is to apparently piss off our HOA. He has been digging huge holes in the sand at the park nearby.

Hello arm party!

I have a thing for wearing bracelets. I had to add a new one to my collection. I added the black leather “As I run. As I run, the universe is running with me” from Endorphin Warrior this past week. I then have my Boston tribute bracelet, GoSportID, paracord bracelet, and “Conquer” bracelet from Endorphin Warrior, and “Sparkle On” one that I got made at Walt Disney World. Oh yes, I have more. I just don’t wear them all at once.

Arm party going on. New black @endorphinwarrior bracelet, @GoSportID bracelet plus Boston bracelet, paracord bracelet, old @endorphinwarrior bracelet and some Sparkle On! #armparty #armcandy #runningbracelets

Hello to a new week!

Hello to hockey playoffs for my son’s summer season!

Hello to keeping up with the chaos of homework, school, and back-to-school night this week!

As always, I’m going to try and blog some more. I just need to fit it in with working, keeping organized, laundry, cleaning, homework for the kid, running, and whatever else comes my way!

Oh, and I have a 5K race next Sunday also! EEEK! It’s been awhile since I’ve ran a 5K race!

What do you have planned this week? Is it starting to feel like fall for you?

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