CuppaKim’s Annual Mug Swap 2013

This is my second year participating in Kim’s aka CuppaKim Mug Swap! I was so excited to hear that it was that time again! I got super excited. And then I realized that I had to have my package mailed out right before I left on vacation! Luckily, I work well under pressure!

Mug Swap!

I was given Kristen Cheney as the person to whom I was sending a package to. I follow Kristen on Instagram and I knew that she was a runner like me. Which it pretty exciting! I also found out that she likes to bake. So I ummm went a bit overboard when I sent out my package.

I went shopping at Daiso which is a local Japanese store and picked up some fun baking goodies, a mug, and other miscellaneous items. I also added in some Nuun because I’m a huge fan of Nuun, and everyone should stay hydrated!


While I was gone on vacation, I received an awesome package from Tegan. She sent a fun box with a turquoise sparkly cup, fun straws, and Starbucks Refreshers! You know that I love sparkly things! It was awesome to see this surprise when I arrived home from Yosemite! Thanks Tegan!

Super fun package that I received from @teganaubrie for @cuppakim Annual Mug Swap! Love the sparkly "mug", super cute straws, and Starbucks drink pouches! #mugswap2013

Kim was pretty awesome for organizing all of this! It was a pretty big endeavor. She posted the following stats for the swap:

  • Total Participants: 877
  • American Participants: 829
  • Canadian Participants: 20
  • International Participants: 28
  • Countries Represented: US, Canada, England, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, India, Germany, Spain, France, Slovakia, and Turkey
  • States Represented: 50
  • Coffee Drinkers: 583
  • Tea Drinkers: 177
  • Hot Chocolate Drinkers: 108
  • 1st Time Mug Swappers: 754
  • 2nd Time Mug Swappers: 104
  • 3rd Time Mug Swappers: 17



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i wasn't sure if you knew kristen or not - but thought you might! 

and tegan nailed it perfectly with that sparkle cup. seriously.

it is so you! 

so glad you came back to swap again this year!!!

angryjuliemonday moderator

@CuppaKim Geez Kim, didn't you know that I know everyone? The sparkle cup is awesome!

Of course I came back!