Renegade Summer Trail Series #2

In a one week time frame, I signed up for two separate races without any notice. This is totally not me, never spontaneous at all…. But on the 4th of July, I signed up to race that morning, and last Thursday, I got talked into doing an evening trail race via Twitter.

Hello There Starting Line! Did my first Trail Race ever @renegaderace Summer Trail Run Series. Totally last minute.

Of course, I haven’t been running nearly as much lately. But I told Heather that if my parents got to my house in time to get my son, I would do the trail race with her.

And so I did. My parents got to my house just in time, I was already dressed for the race, and I left immediately after my parents did. I rushed to the registration table and signed up for the Renegade Races Summer Trail Series #2.

Let me just preface this..I hadn’t run a 5-mile run for quite some time, and I don’t do trail running, as in never ever. I’m not sure if I have ever actually “gone out for a trail run” let alone, an entire trail race. I do not like dirt hitting the back of my legs, so I put on some compression socks to race in.

Hills at Renegade Trail SeriesPhoto via Heather. Awesome commentary added via Me.

And then we were off…Heather got to the starting line just in time. We pretty much ran side-by-side the entire race. But there was some walking, yes walking. I think this “trail race” should have been called “run…run…walk…hike…run down hill…walk..hike…run down hill…etc.” because I did a lot of that. I didn’t know how much hiking was involved in a trail race. I had flashbacks of all of the hiking that I did in Yosemite last year.

Luckily about halfway through the race, after we had climbed all of those awesome hills {not so awesome, really}, I spied relief, in the form of an Otter Pop. Kelly, her kids, and even some of the neighbor kids had hiked up to a spot on the trail, and were handing out wonderful frozen Otter Pops to all of the runners.

Otter Pops via @according2kelly at Renegade Races Trail SeriesPhoto via Heather.

After re-fueling with a grape Otter Poop, we continued on our way, which was mostly downhill. It was a beautiful evening, even with the weird icky weather that had been happening all morning. It wasn’t too hot for a run, and it wasn’t really chilly either, especially for a 6:15pm start.

@AngryJulie Trail RunningPhoto via Heather.

Can you already tell that most of the photos are via Heather? I tucked my phone into my SPIbeltI advised Heather after I saw her taking photos with her phone that I would be “using” her photos for my blog post also. Luckily, she is very efficient and posted about the run before the weekend even started.

I survived the race, yippee! My very first Trail Race. It was a bit hard but I totally did not know what to expect either. I knew that the area was quite “hilly” because I’ve mountain biked there before. And obviously, I would wear trail running shoes next time. But I did have fun!

I know, crazy right? I guess I’m turning into that “sure, why not, I will try that” type of runner. Or maybe I’m just crazy? But it was a super fun experience running with Heather, because she knows my speed, which is slooooow!

Post @renegaderace with @hmgiraffy and @stridingmom. Perfect weather for a race tonight.
Heather, Me, and Sheila Post-Race.

We are all smiles because we had just finished throwing down some burgers post-race. Seriously, a race that ends with a BBQ, hell yeah! When you register for the race, you get the choice of either a race t-shirt or a BBQ dinner ticket. Nice options! And totally worth the money. Just don’t eat any Cheetos that Sheila may give you, just sayin’!

Would I be crazy enough to do this all over again? YES! I am that insane. I’m kinda sad that I missed the first race, actually. But good news, there is a 3rd and final race in this series, August 1st!

Renegade Summer Trail Run Series #3

Thursday, August 1, 2013 6:15pm

By July 26, $30
After July 26, $33


april kennedy
april kennedy

We are signed up! Will it be that same big hill?! I don't have trail running shoes...but that's ok. 

angryjuliemonday moderator

@april kennedy Yippee!!! I am technically supposed to work that night, but I'm going to try and take it off. I didn't wear trail shoes and I was totally fine.


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