The Fourth of July, The 2013 Edition

For the past few years, I’ve gotten up early and made the trek to Huntington Beach, to run the Surf City 5K on the 4th of July. But my son was away at camp, my usual running partner wasn’t doing the race, so I didn’t sign up. The day before, I had a bit of panic and doubt about not signing up for the race. It’s a tradition, and I should do it, right? And then shiny things distracted me.

So I decided to get up super early on the actual 4th, put on my finest “Patriotic Wear”, drag my husband out of bed, and walk to the start of the race. Yes, a local race where I could walk to the start, and even register that morning.

I'm a wee bit patriotic. Red @runteamsparkle skirt, red/white/blue @procompression socks, and you can't see in the pic but a blue/white @nuunhydration singlet! #5K #teamsparkle

I’m not sure if I have ever signed up for a race right before it started. I’m a huge control freak, and I like to over-plan. But I went for it, and signed up for the race. I brought a check, paid, and got my bib and a t-shirt.

5K done. A PR. My first race since the OC 1/2. My outfit got me tons of attention. I love this @nuunhydration singlet and @runteamsparkle skirt.  #teamsparkle

My husband knows me well, and took a pre-race photo. I wore a navy blue baseball hat that I had in my closet, my Nuun singlet, a red Sparkle Athletic skirt, 4th of July compression socks from ProCompression, and my Brooks PureFlow 2. A friend commented on my outfit, “You are truly the most fashionable runner I know”. I like to dress for the moment, umm I mean, race.

4th of July Race Start

And just like that, it was on….

I know you can’t tell from the photo…but it was about 7:15am when the race started, and it was hot and swampy out. Seriously, sticky!

But I went on my way…running…just running…

About 1.5 miles in there was a water station. I stopped but unfortunately, they were not quite ready yet. I probably lost at least a minute waiting for a cup, silly me. I was only being measured by the Garmin on my wrist, and not a timing chip, but obviously, I wanted to improve my 5K time.

I ended up improving my time (PR) by about a minute, but unfortunately it could have been more, but it was fun.

Oh, and I saw Heather and her husband before the race, and also apparently she saw me during the race. Heather was nice enough to take this picture of me running. Obviously, I had switched the hat around because it was so swampy outside.

Running on The 4th of JulyPhoto via Heather

After the race, we made our way home, another 1.25 miles back. Woot! It was almost like I did a 10K that day with all of the extra mileage from walking.

After we got home, we decided to walk some more so we headed to the grocery store. We needed a few more things to take to a party later.

Watermelon fruit bowl.

I found a picture of a similiar fruit bowl on Pinterest. My husband and I re-created it for the party we went to. The fruit was so fresh and tasted awesome.

And if I wasn’t busy enough, I realized that I promised a friend some patriotic bunting a few weeks prior. Totally not joking. So I pulled out the sewing machine and started cursing, I mean working on it.

Last minute 4th of July bunting

We had some great food, and some awesome illegal fireworks that night! We did miss our little one though. I’m pretty sure that he was probably having a blast at Catalina Island Camps.

How was your 4th? Did you do anything fun? Did you eat/try a great new dish?

Please share!


whats with the biker in the 5k? lol. 

and That was a seriously great outfit :) I may have been peer pressured into buying those socks.

angryjuliemonday moderator

@MeganF You totally love the socks, you know it! And the hat, did you notice that it is a SWAT hat...hahahaha