Adventures at Catalina Island Camps

If you are a regular reader of my blog, you will remember this post that I did about Catalina Island Camps in May. Ironically looking at the date, I realize that the post was done on my son’s 8th birthday. Well after the post was written, I found out a few weeks later that my son won 2-weeks of camp at Catalina Island Camps

He left for camp last week and he started his second week of camp, today. Yesterday, we went and visited him at Parent’s Day at camp. Well, we confirmed that he was having a great time! And the staff at camp is awesome. Seriously, even my husband exclaimed, “everyone is sooo nice here!”

But although it was Parent’s Day, we had to go with the flow as they were doing their regular scheduled activities. My son’s group was doing kayak races yesterday. He is quite good with a kayak now, and extremely focused!

The half-day visit that we made yesterday pretty much confirmed that we will be sending him to Catalina Island Camps again next year, and most likely for four weeks this time.

Went to visit the kid @catalinaislandcamps today. I'm pretty sure he is hooked and wants to go every year now.



extremely focused!?! WTH?