Yesterday was my son’s eighth birthday. This is the first year that we didn’t have a big party. I had no pre-party planning anxiety, which I usually do. It feel awkward and so nice, though. My husband, my son, and some of their friend’s went to Palm Springs. They went shooting in the desert, they saw swamp, and even saw the new Star Trek movie.

I spent the weekend working, cleaning, and well…cleaning. I took it as my chance to get caught up with some things. The house was spotless when they got home.

Eighth birthday.

My husband texted me when they were leaving Palm Springs. I immediately ran out to the grocery store and bought some balloons to greet my son when they got home. I also went shopping with my mom at the local hockey store for some gifts for the kid. We {husband and I} got him a week at hockey camp during the summer.

8th Birthday Presents. Hockey-themed.

My husband said that they had a good weekend and it was chill. I got to sleep in. Win-win!

My husband’s friends collected money and bought my son a Lego Millenium Falcon. It was pretty big but super cool. I’m impressed that it was already put together. My son was actually playing with it today. Usually he’s more of a Lego hoarder, as in “puts the Lego kit together, and never plays with it ever again”.

Lego Millenium Falcon

We took the kid to Chili’s for a birthday lunch. We told him that he could order anything he wanted from the desert menu. He responded with, “I want a margarita.” We forgot that it was a desert and drink menu, ooops!

Totally mello birthday. No blinking and noisy electronics for gifts. No overspending. No clutter!

I hope that this is a glimpse into our future.

Happy 8th Birthday Caden!


I think you got a gift for his birthday too! A day to clean & sleep in?? That is great! We did a smaller birthday party for my son's 8th birthday back in March & there was a shortage of helium. He was lucky to get 5 balloons. LOL We went to the Lego store after his birthday (had a $15 gift card) .....he's already put the Millenium Falcon on his wish list; but I think it's been forgotten since he's into Beyblades now & I couldn't post from the page that I opened from my google reader. I had to open a new page again


I love this kind of birthday! Last year we took Gavin to a movie and dinner with his BFF. It was fabulous. We have talked about only doing a real party for big birthdays from now on.


Yes, it is bittersweet as they get older. I miss the excitement of planning the party menu, goody bags, and decorations. But there is something to be said for spontaneity. Glad he had a great weekend! Happy Birthday!