Wordless Wednesday: What I Wore (Random Running-Related Stuff)

I wear some pretty random clothes…especially to run in. But for some reason it works for me. Here are just some pictures that I took recently.

Oh hai...just getting ready to go on the race course for Baker to Vegas. I like to make a statement, wearing my @runTeamSparkle skirt and @Threadless shirt. #b2v #bakertovegas

 Race Support and Alternate for Baker to Vegas Relay Race.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot tee from Threadless Tees. Blue Team Sparkle/Sparkle Athletic skirt.  Black Lululemon shorts underneath.

Quite the arm party going on today. @GoSportID Inspire Bracelet & One Fund Boston  Band, @endorphinwarrior bracelet, a Disney bracelet, and some color! #runforboston #runchat #armparty

 Arm Party.

From left to right: Go Sport Id Inspire with sparkle band, One Fund Boston band from Go Sport Id, Endorphin Warrior training bracelet “Conquer”, Leather bracelet from Disney World customized with “Sparkle On”, and miscellaneous stretchy rainbow bracelets from Old Navy.


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Rachel Reeves
Rachel Reeves

I have yet to run a half and I am so nervous to sign up. My goal has always been to run an entire marathon but I'm nervous that I won't be able to finish. Thank you for sharing your journey, Julie. You encourage me and inspire!


curiosity - 1- how much weight have you lost over what period of time 2- where are you on the psoasis challenge you were having any suggestions or lessons learned to pass on? 3_ what is the angry kid up to these days ? any more tooth fairy challenges" totally cracked me up.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Rachel, You should just pick a half marathon and sign-up. An entire marathon is a good goal, but I would work up to it, if I were you. Just running a half is scary for a first timer. A couple of moms at school ran their first half recently and were very sore. I had to say the "I told you" to them. Just running around the neighborhood will not train you for what to expect during a race. That comes with several races and time. I'm glad that I could share with everyone. I'm always open to questions. And Rachel, your two month journey is amazing also.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Brenda, I think I've only lost about 15 pounds in the past year, running. I gain muscle fairly easy when I workout. My body likes to hold onto the weight. I've dropped 2 sizes in my clothing though. I'm still working with my psoas problems daily. I have to keep reminding myself to stretch post-workout plus stretch throughout the day. Sometimes, I will sit at the computer for a few hours at work, which causes everything to start aching again. STRETCHING is huge for everyone. Do it! The Angry Kid is just trying to survive the rest of 2nd grade. He is completely bored with school, and I'm pretty sure that he is ready for summer to come, asap!