Re-Entry is Difficult

Last week I headed out to the desert for a work conference. I stayed at my parent’s vacation house in Palm Springs. This was my home for five days. I had three bedrooms, a swimming pool, and the rest of the house all to myself.

Hello Palm Springs! My home for the next five days.
You would have thought that I would have returned home with a tan. But I was too busy with the conference to even spend time at the pool. Although, I did stand on the steps in the pool one night, after a nine mile run.

Beautiful desert skyline tonight.
I was able to view gorgeous sunsets while I was out in the desert, with colorful cotton candy skies and palm trees swaying in the wind. It was in the mid-80’s the entire week, which was perfect weather for the desert. It wasn’t too hot, and it wasn’t too cold. I could live with mid-80 degree weather if I had my choice.

I got up one morning and got a 3-mile run in. It was difficult because I was unfamiliar with the neighborhood, and I hadn’t planned out my route beforehand. It was a bit humid when running though, which made me a hot sweaty mess.

My son showing off his third lost tooth
While I was gone, my son lost another tooth. This was his 3rd lost tooth. It is very noticeable since it is one of his top front teeth. I guess it was super loose all of the sudden, so my husband used some dental floss to help get it out. Apparently, my husband was following the 72-hour rule for the tooth fairy because the tooth fairy came when I got home on Friday night.

Attending a conference for work, means lots of “group dinners”. I was a total glutton and ate more than I usually do. We had some good times, but tons of rich food. I felt like I had a rock in my stomach, and I knew that I had to get a run in. It was rather warm and humid outside at night, so I waited a little too late one night. I decided to go on a totally unplanned and unmapped nine mile run through Palm Springs.

As seen on my run tonight: @RivieraPS. 9.17 miles done! #seenonmyrun
The Riviera Resort & Spa is right near my parent’s place and looks super pretty lit up at night. I almost felt like I was in Vegas. I could tell that it was super crowded there because the valet line was full, and it was Spring Break. When I got back to the house, I looked up the Riviera’s website. It looked super awesome. I might have to go check out their spa sometime.

As seen on my run last night, part 2. Marilyn Monroe, 26 foot statue. #seenonmyrun #palmsprings
Oh hai there, 26-foot tall Marilyn Monroe. The “Forever Marilyn” statue is visiting Palm Springs until June. I just happened to run past Marilyn along my nine-miler. There were a ton of people taking photographs of her.

I learned that if I want to do long runs like this again, I need to invest in some reflective gear and lights to wear on my run. It was DARK outside when I was running. I tripped on a high edge of a sidewalk also, and caught myself. That could have totally ended badly.

On Friday afternoon, I hit that outlet mall for some shopping. I got some great running stuff from Nike for dirt cheap prices, yay! And then bam, hit some really bad traffic which took me forever to get home. As soon as I got home, I changed my clothes and left to go to a friend’s house with the family, ate dinner, and then attended a friend’s hockey game. So much for relaxing!

With all my free time by myself last week, you would have thought that all my emails got answered etc., but they didn’t. I barely opened my computer. And now I have to work this week, plus it is my son’s Spring Break. Will I ever get caught up?


"caught up?" unless you are ocd about and cannot handle it, setting aside a specific amt of time to work on different tasks and when that time expires stop and that is "caught up". Aren't we all free with advice for others? Sorry but you do so much I just thought it would be nice for you to be kinder to yourself. Great photo of the KID.

Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates)
Nancy (@ Spinning My Plates)

I've stayed at the Riviera. Cool place. The rooms are really nice and they've kept the vintage of the hotel without making it kitschy.