Run All The Races

I figure that if I want to keep up with this running thing, I should sign-up for more races, right? I mean really, it totally makes sense? I swear that I’m going to be following some kind of training plan that is affixed to my refrigerator for the rest of my days.

So if you are wondering where I’m going to for vacation this year, besides Yosemite, it is probably race-related. Race-cations are my new vacations. Now if I could get the rest of my family racing…. And somehow I need a rich relative to pay for all of these racecations. Anyone want to volunteer?

So far, my race agenda for the rest of the year is as follows:

Baker To Vegas

As of now, I’m an alternate for our Baker To Vegas Challenge Cup Relay Team. We have a co-ed team, and I’m not as fast as I want to be. I was trying to get under 9-minute miles, which I could probably do if I pushed myself. But I have way too many other races to do this year.

OC Half Marathon

The OC Half Marathon will be my third race in the Beach Cities Challenge. I started the Beach Cities Challenge with the Long Beach Half in October {my first half marathon}, did my second race in February, Surf City, and The OC Half will be my third and final race.

Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon

This will be my second year running Disney Wine & Dine Half Marathon. I absolutely loved this event last year. It was so fun running at night through all of the parks at Walt Disney World. I will also be completing the Coast to Coast Challenge, because I ran {trotted/walked/ran} the Tinker Bell Half Marathon in January at Disneyland.

and just because I’m really really crazy….

Space Coast Marathon & Half Marathon

I will flying to Florida, two weeks after the Wine and Dine Half to participate in the Space Coast Half Marathon. I blame Krissy for promoting the awesomeness of this race.

but really, this race is all about the bling…race bling = awesome medal for finishing the race!

Space Coast Marathon Big Bang Series

Yes, the race re-designed their medals. And they also added a 3-year finisher and 5-year finisher medal, starting in 2013. How awesome are those medals? My husband actually encouraged me to sign-up for this race after I showed him the “Big Bang Series” graphic. I blame him!

So if you are wondering what I will be spending all my spare time doing….running!


I'd totally make fun of you for flying to Florida twice, but I'm flying out to California (wow, that is strang it I say!) for the Disneyland Half (well, 10k), and Tinkerbell Half. I totally gave into the pressure of pretty pink bling & signed up for Princess too! Ahhh!

And I'm totally with you- signing up early keeps one motivated to run! I was supposed to start training again in May- but moving made me lazy (it's exhausting and wow a long drive). Now that I have 3 disney races on my calender it's time to stay focused again!!!


Oh..... I think I want to do the Wine and Dine Half! That sounds like SO much fun!


I have a friend that is doing the Baker to Vegas with her department. That looks like such a fun and unique race. I'm with you on the motivation, if I don't have a race lined up my training is nonexistent.


Those are great plans! I hear the Baker to Vegas one is pretty fun, I hope you get to do it. Nikki


I'm doing the Space Coast Half also!! I did it last year and yes my medal is AWESOME!!! I'm going to be doing all five and get all seven medals. I live in Cocoa Beach so if you need any local advise let me know!