Wordless Wednesday: Pretty as a Peacock

My son and I went to Irvine Park a few weeks ago with some friends. I love going to Irvine Park because it has so many peacocks just wandering around. I have a little joke with friends that 2012 was the “Year of the Flamingo” and 2013 is the “Year of the Peacock”.

This peacock was way too friendly today. It walked right up to me.

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Quirky Chrissy
Quirky Chrissy

BEAUTIFUL! I love peacocks, and that picture is really something else. :) Happy Wednesday!


Im glad to hear that 2013 has such a lovely mascot


That is a beautiful peacock. At the corner of the street, where my college apartment used to be, was a preschool. They had a pet peacock. I couldn't see it because of the tall hedges....but I heard it everyday I walked to class. Thanks for bringing back a good memory for me!


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