Race on the Base 10K Race Recap

I have a new totally snobby motto for running races now. I won’t run a race unless there is a medal. My old motto was that I wouldn’t run a race unless it was a timed chip race. The prices of races are going up, and I feel like a t-shirt isn’t enough for my money. I am addicted to race bling!

My friend, Monique mentioned that she was signed up for the Race on the Base 10K. I didn’t immediately sign-up because I wanted to see how I felt after the Surf City Half Marathon. I knew that the race fit my qualifications since it was time chiped and it had a pretty rad medal!

Carb loading for Race on the Base 10K tomorrow. #raceonthebase

The night before the race, I had spaghetti from Haus of Pizza. Which is one of my local favorites for Italian food. I probably go there once a week. Their antipasto salad is my favorite, but I needed to carb load before my race. And my stomach would have been a hot mess if I had salad for dinner.

I got off a little early the night before the race so that I could get some rest. Which is totally funny, because I never ever fall asleep before midnight these days. After laying out my race outfit, I finally feel asleep for a few hours.

Who's gonna rock Race on the Base in her @runTeamSparkle camouflage skirt today??? Me! #raceonthebase #teamsparkle

Wide awake, and ready to run. I put on my camouflage Team Sparkle skirt. In case you are wondering, yes, I do have a Team Sparkle skirt for every occassion. I counted my skirts recently, and I now a proud owner of ten sparkle skirts.

I also wore my Brooks PureFlow2. This was my second race wearing my PureFlow’s, and without a doubt, they are here to stay. Prior to buying these shoes, I was a diehard Saucony Kinvara 3 runner. I decided that I needed to try something that was still minimal, but had somewhat of a wider shoe box. My Kinvaras always felt a bit rigid, and I have more movement in these shoes.

Race on the Base

We had to leave super early because Los Alamitos was about 30 minutes away, plus the parking is somewhat of a hassle. The race is on a military base and every car has to be let in. We found a parking spot and made it to the starting line a few minutes before the race started. Luckily, Monique had picked up our race packets and bibs the night before.

Race On the Base Course Map

The start of the race was a bit narrow and I got held back for awhile by a bunch of “walkers”. Obviously, they were not taught proper “race etiquette”. After pushing my way through, with several other runners, I was able to step up the pace. This is a super flat course, and I was going at a steady pace {my slow as molasses pace}.

As we moved on from the 5K runners, I got a bit sad. I knew that I still had another 5K {3.1 miles} left to run. I have run 6.2 miles before, obviously…but a 10K race was a bit strange to me.

Race on the Base 10K 2013
I passed Monique on one of the loops and she captured this photo of me running at about mile 4. I was still going strong with no problems. It was getting a bit warm outside, plus the sun was glaring on the asphalt.

I completed the race in a sub 11-minute time, of about 10:45ish pace. I was ok with my time as I was just trying to finish without hurting myself, or getting sick. I’m proud to say that I did not have any race curses that day, yippee! I survived the race, injury free!

Race on the Base 2013

Monique were able to get a photograph together post-race, after I handed my camera to someone. It was hilarious watching her {the woman} try to use my camera. It is a simple point-and-shoot digital. But hey, we got a decent photo together!

Race on the Base 10K Finisher! Got tons of compliments on my @runTeamSparkle camouflage skirt! #raceonthebase #teamsparkle

I also had Monique take a photo of me with my iPhone so I could ummm, you know, Instagram it. Giggle….

And after running all those miles, the parking, and the crowds…I screamed that it was time for breakfast! So we headed out towards our next destination = FOOD!

Post-race meal today. Belgian Waffle with Raspberries.

Of course I was a total glutton, and ate a Belgian waffle with raspberries for breakfast. It was so good. I’m never hungry after running usually, but I was super hungry after that 10K.

After eating breakfast, I headed home, took a shower, and a long nap. My family was gone for the day, so I had some peace and quiet. Of course, later that afternoon, my doorbell wouldn’t stop ringing. The feral children of the neighborhood kept coming over to see if my son was home.

Race on the Base Bling and Team Sparkle Skirt

And of course, the bling. I love the medal for the race. It was so shiny and pretty. They even kept the plastic cover on the medal when they handed it to you at the finish, so that it didn’t get scratched. I took a photo of it with my camouflage sparkle skirt.

Race Notes: It was a great race. Get there early because traffic and parking backs up. The race shirt was a long sleeve technical tee. It was black, and did not have an obnoxious design, which some races do. The course was flat, somewhat boring, but it went fast. It would be a great race if you wanted to get a 5K or 10K PR. The medals are awesome, and you got a choice of catered food for breakfast! This was my first time doing the race and I would do it again.


Haha. I'm the same way. I won't do a run that isn't timed and is deemed "just for fun." I want it timed and a medal! Great job on all your running recently BTW!


I came to say great race but I can't resist saying - OMG I love your skirt.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Thanks for the compliment! I loved wearing my camouflage Team Sparkle skirt for that race!