Hello Monday…Almost March

Hello Monday!

Hello to starting a fresh new week! Eeek…

Hello to school {for the kid}, work {me and the hubs}, dentist appointments, run club {kid}, running {me}, and soccer {kid}!

Things You Find In A Runner's House: @nuunhydration & @runTeamSparkle water bottles everywhere, along with running clothes taking up the shower curtain rod. #teamsparkle #running #runchat

Hello to never catching up!

You know how you always wish for a week free of commitments so you can just be lazy? And then that week happens, and you are totally bored and unmotivated?

Ya, that never happens around my house. I remember those times. But mostly, my house and life is chaos. My kitchen looks like this {with water bottles everywhere}, and my son’s bathroom looks like this {running clothes hanging}.

Trying out chairs with super tall backs @Homegoods.

Hello to taking the kid out shopping!

My mom wanted my opinion on some things at Homegoods. We also made our way to Costco. My son was not impressed. But the chair he was sitting in, super cool!

Totally bought this cute swimsuit @DownEastBasics tonight. I needed a new swimsuit bad! #downeastbasics
Hello there new swimsuit!

I went to a blogger event at DownEast Basics last week and came home with a new swimsuit. I tried on a couple of things and went back and forth on them.

I’ve become really picky about clothing recently. I make sure that I really love something before I purchase it. I used to grab something off the rack, guess my size, and then I would live with it.

But…I did take a chance….that night. I LOATHE swimsuit shopping. But this blue and green tankini with cute little anchors caught my eye. And it fit! Super cute! It covers most of my lumps and bumps, and I feel comfortable in it! Win! Win!

My wild and crazy mutts setting themselves up to brawl.
Hello crazy dogs!

If it is sunny outside, our dogs love to go out and play in the front yard. Our backyard is like a concrete jungle so they get bored. As soon as I open the front door, they are practically begging to race through the house and run into the front yard.

And about five seconds later you hear growling amongst the two dogs. They love to play-fight with each other. I caught them in a stand off the other day.

Who's gonna rock Race on the Base in her @runTeamSparkle camouflage skirt today??? Me! #raceonthebase #teamsparkle
Hello there camouflage sparkle skirt!

Saturday morning, I ran my first 10K race with my friend, Monique. I’ve ran many 5K races, and 4 half marathons, but never any 10K’s. I love wearing this green camouflage skirt from Team Sparkle.

Hello to race curse being over!

I will write my race recap later, but I was happy to finish the race without any “issues” like I usually do. Yippee!

So Hello Monday!

Hello to March 1st at the end of this week!

Hello to Spring Soccer Season!

Hope everyone has a good week!

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Disclosure: I attend an event at DownEast Basics and was given a $25 giftcard which I used towards the purchase of my swimsuit.

Jim Liston
Jim Liston

Fun article about spring! Congratulations on running your first 10k. Is it time to start looking at a marathon? Jim


So glad spring is almost here! LOVE that swimsuit! I so need a little retail therapy :)

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Seriously, I am tired of being cold and wearing jackets. Plus, I hate using the heater. I was shocked when that swimsuit fit so well.