Painting Castles with Timree Gold

I learned about Timree Gold and her awesome painting skills when I was a member of the Junior League of Orange County. Timree had a booth at their annual Christmas Company boutique. I need that she has always had fun things to sell, but she also has a studio where she holds painting classes.

My friend Erin had her daughter’s birthday party at Timree’s studio, and had a fun painting class for all of the guests. Erin is always great for birthday and/or any type of party planning, she goes all out!

So anyway, I’m a fan of Timree’s Facebook Page, and I love to see all of the upcoming classes and events that she offers. I saw that she posted a “new paint class” with a castle, perhaps Sleeping Beauty’s Castle at Disneyland. I immediately screen shot the picture and sent it to Kelly with a text similar to “must go, we need to do this” or something sorta like that. She agreed.

We waited for the paint class to come up, and boom we missed it. It sold out immediately. Luckily, she added two more classes and we were able to attend one last Tuesday night. She usually has about six people attend the class at a time, but Kelly and I were the only ones that signed up that night. Lucky us, we had a semi-private painting class!

Painting Class with Timree Gold, Disney CastlePhoto via Kelly

Timree’s example castle.

As we arrived, Timree had everything set-up for our class in advance; the paints, brushes, water, canvas and her example painting. Kelly and I were a bit afraid that our castles wouldn’t look as good as Timree’s. She explained what the different size paint brushes were and how we would use them in our paintings. She briefly sketched a small outline of a castle tower on our canvas’ and the led us to the next step. We made a light gray paint by mixing black and white to outline the castle.

Paint for our Castle Pictures

Took a painting class @timreegold studio with @according2kelly tonight. This was the beginning.

Obviously the sketching is a bit rough but it was just a start. Although I kept looking at the original and thought, “hmmm will mine turn out just as good?” Although I was skeptical, I kept following Timree’s directions….and hoping that it would turn out.

Castle in Progress
It looked a little rough once I started adding color. I was having issues getting points at the top of my castle. Timree had to help me. Plus my sky was almost black so we added in some blue and purple to make it better. We learned it is all about making it choppy, which makes it look better.

After filling in the colors on the castle, we added all of the little details like the greenery, gold trim, flags, and of course the fireworks. I think my picture turned out pretty snazzy. Timree showed how you put the picture on a wall/shelf etc. and look at it from afar. It totally makes a huge different when you look at it that way. It takes away all of the imperfections that I see.

"In this timeless land of enchantment, the age of chivalry, magic and make-believe are reborn and fairy takes come true."-Walt Disney. I did this all by myself, ok maybe I got a little help from @timreegold. #disney #disneyland

I even signed my official work of art!! Kelly and I were pretty jazzed after our first painting glass and now we want to attend more. Now, I’m just figuring out where I can put all of these awesome works of art.

@according2kelly taking a picture of her artwork

I caught Kelly taking an Instagram picture of her masterpiece. Kelly is always good for framing and get the “right” picture for Instagram. No wonder she has so many followers

Timree Gold's StudioBefore we left Timree’s studio, I had to take some additional pictures of all the awesome. Seriously the quote from Pink on the wall was so awesome.  And I loved all the different types of pictures and products that Timree has. I seriously can’t wait to attend another one of her classes soon. It was so much fun and a great girl’s night out!

Krissy @ Shiawase Life
Krissy @ Shiawase Life

This is too awesome!! I love the end product and I sure wish I could hang out with you awesome gals more often!!!!!