runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up

Last Friday, I had the opportunity to attend a pre-race meet-up with runDisney for the Tinker Bell Half Marathon. We met at The Disneyland Hotel at 6am in the morning. Yes, that early! Luckily, I stayed with Kelly at Disney’s Grand Californian the night prior.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up with runDisney 2013. Photo courtesy of runDisney.Photo via runDisney

After we arrived and checked in, we were given “runDisney” tech shirts to wear for the event.  I’m wearing the light blue Team Sparkle Skirt on the left side of the photo. After some brief introductions of runDisney personnel and special guests, we headed out for a run through the parks. Special Guest Jeff Galloway was leading the group using his run/walk method. Notice anyone famous in the front of the pack in the photo below? Yep, that’s Sean Astin running in the royal blue shorts.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up with runDisney 2013. Photo courtesy of runDisney.
Photo via runDisney

We headed through Disneyland first, and at 6am, the park was very quiet. As we headed towards the Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, everyone stopped to take pictures with their cellphones. I had my point-and-shoot camera, and had to capture everyone in the group taking their photos. It was quite hilarious.

runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up

Of course, the “official photographer” took a much better picture of the runners “storming the castle” from the backside. I was hiding in the back of the crowd. Looking at all of the fun skirts that everyone is wearing! I spy several of my friends in this picture.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up with runDisney 2013. Photo courtesy of runDisney.Photo via runDisney

We got to meet a surprise guest while running through Disneyland. Tinker Bell was super cute in her winter-themed frock. I loved the little touches of fur through the collar and sleeves on her coat.

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up with runDisney 2013. Photo courtesy of runDisney.Photo via runDisney

After running through Disneyland, we headed towards Disney California Adventure to finish off the 2.5 miles. I love California Adventure and there is so much to look at. I love this photo that I captured while we were running on the boardwalk.

runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up 2013

After running around Disney California Adventure, we stopped to take some pictures with the characters, and group pictures. It was a great time. And I loved hanging out with Mickey, Minnie, and Goofy.

Goofy looking very dapper this morning. #tinkhalfmeetup

Doesn’t Goofy look very dapper?

Mickey, @according2kelly, me, and Minnie...just hanging out this morning @runDisney #tinkhalfmeetup

Mickey, Kelly, me, and Minnie!

Sean Astin and me. runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon meet-up 2013

 Sean Astin and me. Photo via Casey. Sean was super duper nice!

Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up with runDisney 2013. Photo courtesy of runDisney.Photo via runDisney

A great group shot of everyone who attended the meet-up Friday morning. It looks like a sorority picture with everyone posed in our matching shirts.

Julie, Goofy, Casey, and Kelly. Photo via @caseyruns

 Me, Goofy, Casey, and Kelly. Photo via Casey.

Krissy, Casey, Jenn, and Julie. Photo via @caseyruns

Krissy, Casey, Jenn, and I. Photo via Casey.

Ready to go on the Radiator Springs Racers in Cars Land. It was a special surprise.

Radiator Springs Racers at Cars Land, Disneyland

Casey, Me, Krissy, and Jenn in the back. Radiator Springs Racers at the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up

Photo taken of the photo with my iPhone. Total photo cheater!

Casey, Me, Krissy, and Jenn in the back!

Hanging with "Red" the Fire Truck at runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up 2013

 Me, just hanging with Red, the Fire Truck in Cars Land.

runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up 2013. Photos via runDisney.Photos via runDisney

After a fun run, photo session, and riding The Radiator Springs Racers, we headed toward Napa Rose for some breakfast and guest speakers.

Jeff Galloway {not pictured above} spoke about the run/walk/run method which he is famous for. Josh Rowe, the marketing manager for New Balance spoke about the new specially designed shoes that New Balance made for runDisney. People had been waiting in line for several hours to get into the Tinker Bell Half Marathon Expo to purchase these limited edition shoes. They only had 250 pairs to sell that weekend, and they SOLD OUT!

Sean Astin spoke about running marathons/half marathons and his Team #run3rd.  Team #run3rd is comprised of three things: 1. 1st I run for me 2. I run for my family and 3. I run for YOU.

Ali Vincent, the first female winner of The Biggest Loser spoke about her Live Big Campaign. Ali has a show “Live Big with Ali Vincent” on the LiveWell Network. Ali speaks about fitness tips, healthy living, and healthy eating on the show.

Tara Gidus, a dietician is the Official runDisney nutritionist. Tara spoke about running, and pre-race nutrition. I’ve met Tara before and she is awesome!

There were some great giveaways during and in-between the speakers. Some New Balance running shoes, runDisney travel suitcases, and even a race registration for the Dumbo Dare Challenge was given away. Unfortunately, I was not a winner. Insert sad face.

runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up 2013. Photo via runDisney.Photo via runDisney

After great things about nutrition and eating well, we were treated to a special recipe of a black bean cake from Disney Executive Chef Christine Weissman.

It was a great and informative morning with runDisney. I seriously love runDisney races and events. This was my 2nd Disney race and I am hooked! I highly suggest watching {stalking} the Disney Parks Blog for information about pre-race meet-ups with runDisney the week before the actual race.

Speaking of runDisney and their awesome races….The Disneyland Half Marathon, Dumbo Dare and new added 10K registration was opened this week and it sold out in a record breaking 26 hours! Unfortunately, I took about 2 minutes to walk to my dining room to get my credit card after filling out information to register for the Dumbo Dare, and it sold out! I was totally bummed.

“Runner response to the Disneyland Half Marathon Weekend is overwhelming,” says Disney Sports Marketing and Communication Director Faron Kelley.  “This points to the growing popularity of runDisney events and runner demand for two-day, back-to-back race challenges, along with the ever popular 10K distance.”

A very limited number of registrations are available for the half marathon and 10K through charity and travel groups.  Runners can get more information on these opportunities by going to runDisney.

In addition, registration remains open for the Family Fun Run 5K and runDisney Kids Races. These races are filling quickly so runners are encouraged to register today at runDisney.

Disclosure: I was invited to the runDisney Tinker Bell Half Marathon Meet-Up as a Blogger/Media. I was provided a runDisney tech tee, a run through the parks, fabulous guest speakers, breakfast and a park-hopper ticket. Photographs from the event were provided via Disney. All other photographs are mine and/or friends. All thoughts and opinions are mine.


I am heading to the Princess Half in a few days and am so over the moon excited I can hardly contain it! Thanks for the great recap!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Awesome, congrats on your first half marathon!!! I'm still trying to figure out what to do for the Disneyland Half Weekend. It's a long time away. Good idea for an early birthday gift!


So very cool! The Tink Half was both my first half and my first runDisney event (my friend definitely laughed at me at the Never Land 5k when I excitedly showed her I had spotted Kelly.) Now, I'm hooked. Sad you just missed out on the Dumbo. Will you be attending anyways, for the half or one of the other races? I considered the spendy early sign-up a happy early birthday gift to me. The races are a week after I turn dirty 30.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Yep, I ran with a hobbit. He was a really nice hobbit too. And he wore shoes!