Hello Monday, The Mid-January Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Blog!

I’ve been super swamped the past few weeks, and I’ve neglected my blog a bit. You know it’s bad when one of your husband’s friends mentions that you haven’t blogged. He told me that I better have a post up so that he has something to read when he gets in to work on Monday. So Pete….look at me, I’m blogging!

Hello Wahoo’s Fish Tacos

Wahoo’s Fish Tacos is celebrating their 25th Anniversary this year! I’ve been eating there since I was in high school. I usually eat there at least once a week now, sometimes more. I love their blackened chicken.

Lunchtime! @wahoosfishtaco

 Hello To More Running in 2013!

Yes, I’m still running. I know, I’m crazy, right?

I have two half marathons coming up soon. I’ve been pretty good about following my training plan.

I’m working on a new “running songs” playlist for 2013. My music tastes are quite varied. Please don’t judge. My husband can’t stand my music, most days. The kid, well, he loves my music.

Working on a new for 2013 Running Songs Playlist! Need some tunes for my 12-miler tomorrow! cc: @bringingupburns

 Hello To Inline Hockey!

My son is learning to play a new sport. Several of my husband’s friends play inline hockey, and our son was quite interested.

The kid received a ton of hockey gear {wow, an expensive sport} for Christmas. He needs to learn how to skate on inline skates first.

We did an open skate session last week with the BFF. The kid is slowly learning.

First rule of playing hockey. Learning to skate.

 Hello Ice Hockey!

Speaking of hockey! Did you hear? NHL Hockey is coming back! I know several people who have been patiently waiting for hockey.

We attended a collegiate ice hockey game last Saturday night, USC vs. UCLA. Poor USC lost. They need to work on their defense.

Yes, USC has an ice hockey team. Game vs. UCLA tonight!

Hello New Year, Hello House Projects!

There is always something going on in our house. I have several different projects going on…in my head.

But my husband decided that he wanted to re-do the “storage” in our garage. Which means, longer beams….sawdust…messes..and chaos.

He is partially done. And although we may have more storage, there is no way that I’m climbing up there.

But my son was delighted to climb up the ladder…and do a little Gangnam Style dance for us!

Husband is re-doing garage rafters. I found my son up there...dancing Gangnam Style.

Hello Busy!

So if you are wondering what I’ve been up to, that’s it! All of my photos were from my Instagram account. My Instagram account pretty much shows my daily activities {boring life}.

 Is everyone else excited that it is Monday? A new week, a new start?

Ya, that’s what I thought!

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Happy New Year! Sounds like it's been crazy busy for you, but I have to say that I've loved keeping up with your running on IG. I see a half marathon in my future :) And while I don't know much about hockey, I did get the chance to go out on the ice and photograph players in action ... talk about slightly terrifying and totally fun all at the same time. It gave me a new respect for the game!