Our Halloween 2012

Halloween came so slow but yet so fast this year. The past two months have been crazy around here, and luckily we decided on a costume for the kid in September.  That relieves a ton of stress in our house. Although, I remember purchasing his costumes in July, when he was a baby. How time flies!

I’m a little late in doing a post-Halloween blog post but seriously my photo editing monkey was on vacation or something. Ok really, I don’t have a photo editing monkey or even a photo collage making monkey. But wouldn’t that be rad!  I love taking the picture but post-editing is NOT my favorite thing to do.

2012 Halloween Decor

I usually go all out when I decorate for Halloween, but I got a bit distracted this year. I got all of the totes with the decorations out and only finished putting up about 1/2 of them. Every year I put the previous year’s Halloween costume photo in a cute frame. I usually get the frames from Homegoods. Last year I made Halloween fabric buntings. I put them up again this year, and even made some extras for friends. Everything else is a hodge podge of random decorations that I’ve bought here and there the past few years. I have some bowls and several platters that I’ve acquired also. They were left in the totes.

Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch Annual Visit

The BFF {Stacey} and I took the kids on our annual visit to Irvine Park Railroad Pumpkin Patch. We have been doing it almost every year since they were about 18 months old. They were hilarious on the car ride there. They kept talking about school, and random things. Last year my son was cranky and did not want to participate. Of course, my camera was cranky that day. If you have any tips on removing the fog/glare on my photos, please let me know. I have about 30 awesome photos similar to this.

Zombie Apocalypse Halloween Style

We attended a Halloween Party at a friend’s house. Since the men folk in my house are a bit obsessed with zombies and the zombie apocalypse, they went as zombies. My husband followed an online tutorial for Walking Dead Make-Up. I’m not quite sure if red Solo cups will be around during the apocalypse.

Butterfly Costume with Team Sparkle Skirt

I did not go with the “zombie theme” for Halloween. I went as a butterfly. I wore my orange Team Sparkle skirt along with a tank top, black shorts underneath, tights, and some wings. My son kept asking why, “I was wearing my running clothes on Halloween”. Husband took the photo with his cellphone. And ignore the beer pong table and Solo cups next to me.

Pumpkin carving earlier today. Star Wars themed "Rebel Alliance" symbol. #starwars #rebelalliance #halloween

The day of Halloween, my husband and son carved a pumpkin while I was out running {as usual}. The carved a Star Wars Rebel Alliance symbol into the pumpkin using a template that I found online. Super cool!

Trick-Or-Treating on Halloween 2012

Angry Kid with a friend at a Halloween party pre-Trick-Or-Treating. We had a fun time eating some delicious food and seeing all of the kiddos in their costumes. But they were super excited to go Trick-or-Treating.

Oh you know...just doing a little blood spatter on a bag for my little zombie. He needs a treat bag. Good thing I have proper education and training in blood spatter techniques. #zombie #halloween #walkingdead

Of course, I had to make a treat bag for my zombie. I bought a plain canvas bag from Michael’s. I used “spray blood” that we got at the Halloween store and applied some spatter on both sides of the bag. I was quite impressed with my craftiness.

Jack O' Lanterns Seen on Halloween

While we were out Trick-Or-Treating, I took some photos of some awesome Jack O’ Lanterns. People get super creative these days. Obviously, there are tons of ideas and templates online. I was pretty impressed with our Star Wars pumpkin though.

We actually didn’t stay out very long, maybe a little over an hour. The kid stocked up on some candy, but not a ton. I think that the candy was all gone by the next day.

Until next year, Happy Halloween! Time to pack up the stuff and put it away, until two weeks when Christmas stuff comes out. Yikes!


you guys look amazing in your costumes! nice job!!


you are the most BEEE-autiful butterfly ever! love your hair! :) i have those same wings. we could be twins next halloween!


sun flare. theres no removing it. :) also... gross zombie make up.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Aww thanks Kim! Ohh Twinners!But next, I have to be a flamingo, or even a Peacock.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Sun flare is dumb. It ruined some great photos. And yes, zombie make-up is gross.