Disneyland Half Marathon Race Expo with Team Sparkle

At the beginning of September, I went to The Disneyland Half Marathon Expo to help out my friends from Team Sparkle at their booth.  I love these women and asked if they needed my help.  Before I arrived at the Expo, I asked them what should I wear? I was told black shorts and running shoes, and that they would dress me up.

I showed up and was greeted by Tinkerbell (Kelly), Snow White (Carrie), and The Queen of Hearts (Elise).  Within a few minutes, I was transformed into Minnie Mouse.  I love all of the fun Running Costumes that Team Sparkle has come up with for Disney Running Events.

Minnie Mouse Running Costume via Team Sparkle

How I became Minnie Mouse:

Minnie Mouse Ears Headband (Disney Hotel Gift Shops/Parks)

“I Don’t Sweat, I Sparkle” Tank Top (Team Sparkle)

Red With White Polka Dot Sparkle Running Skirt (Team Sparkle)

Red With White Polka Dot Sparkle Sleeves (Team Sparkle)

LED Ring (Nite Beams)

Black Running Shorts (not shown, under skirt)

Running Shoes (Saucony Kinvara 3’s)

Yellow Yarn Pom Poms (Homemade By Me) 

After my “Minnie” makeover was done, the “real fun” began.  I was there for Friday, the first day of the Expo. It is a busy weekend for Disneyland, and a HUGE Race Expo. The customers started lining up, and then the crowd began.  A ton of return customers showed up, along with some great new ones. Everyone loved all of our costumes, and loved the great running costume ideas that Team Sparkle had for The Disneyland Half Marathon, and other Run Disney Races.  The Red with White Polka Dot (Minnie) Sparkle Running Skirt was VERY popular that day, for obvious reasons.

Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon

But one of the biggest questions that people asked, was about “actually running in a costume”?  Kelly, whom is a veteran of running in costumes at Disney and other races, is the go-to-gal for running costumes.  Kelly advises, “that the runner test out the costume ahead of time, and make sure that it is comfortable.  You don’t want a floppy/fluffy/itchy costume that annoys you the entire that you are running.” 13.1 miles is a long distance to run.  Kelly and I have both seen plenty of people who have “stripped off” their costume during races.  You want to be able to finish the race and take those “finish line” pictures in your awesome costume.

@According2Kelly as Tinkerbell

Tinkerbell aka Kelly sporting a Team Sparkle Skirt, Sparkle Sleeves, Race Legs, and Wings.  Tinkerbell got a bit cold during the Race Expo.

Tinkerbell and her wings

Tinkerbell’s wings from the back. Didn’t you know that Tink needs her iPhone to contact all of the other fairies? She tucks her iPhone into the back of her Sparkle Skirt. (Kelly is going to kill me for posting this photo, but it shows the back of her wings)

How To Wear Wings While Running is one of my favorite posts that Kelly has written. Kelly has worn running costumes with “wings” several times and has perfected “running with wings” and “wing attachment for running”.  Her post includes a great tutorial.

Even though I only worked the booth at the expo for about four hours, it felt like an entire day.  Being on your feet all day is tiring. I feel for everyone that is constantly working race expos because it is exhausting.  I had a blast though, and I loved talking to everyone about running and races. There was a such a wide variety of people and different types of runners.

With a little help, we even got a group picture of Snow White (Carrie), The Queen of Hearts (Elise), Tinkerbell (Kelly), and Minnie Mouse (Me).  My camera was on a bad setting, hence the discoloration.

Team Sparkle at Disneyland Half Marathon Expo

You are probably wondering if I ran The Disneyland Half Marathon that weekend? Carrie, Elise, and Kelly ran the race, but I did not. I wasn’t able to register in time before it sold out (it sells out fast), and I had not finished my training.  I did the Awesome 80’s Run that weekend, and The Long Beach Beach Half Marathon (post coming soon) about a month after that.  I’m currently training for my second half marathon, which is my first Disney Race, The Disney Wine and Dine Half Marathon on November 10th at Walt Disney World.  I’m running the race with Kelly, and I’m calling it my “Birthday Half Marathon” as it is the weekend before my actual birthday. And I’m still trying to figure out my costume for that race, and of course I will be wearing a Team Sparkle Skirt.


I need a Team Sparkle visor! I've been looking for something to wear when we are doing outside cupcake events. that would be PERFECT!