Hephzi Creations, Hello Kitty, and Queen Bee Market

I have a huge love for anything Hello Kitty. Actually I’m pretty obsessed. Yes, I’m thirty-six, almost thirty-seven years old and I’m admitting this.  I’ve been a fan since I was a little girl. I was a child of the 80’s, and Hello Kitty was super popular when I was growing up.  I remember buying Hello Kitty scented pens and  cute metal pencil boxes when I was in elementary school.  In high school, my Hello Kitty obsession continued with note paper and pens. I used to buy special paper from Sanrio to write notes to my friends on.

I recently had the opportunity to do a review of a  handmade Hello Kitty bracelet/necklace/headband set from Hephzi Creations.  Hephzi Creations is owned by Angela whom “creates unique and whimsical pieces of jewelry created to celebrate a woman’s soul.”

Hello Kitty Bracelet/Necklace/Headband from Hephzi Creations

Have you ever tried to put a bracelet on yourself? Let’s just say that it wasn’t happening. I had to wait for a friend to come over and put the bracelet on for me. Then I took a picture of my arm all by myself.  I probably should have put it on her arm, but umm I wasn’t thinking quite straight. But look at Hello Kitty, isn’t she cute?

Hello Kitty Bracelet/Necklace/Headband from Hephzi Creations

Look at all of the details.  I love the different colored jewels and the butterflies around the bracelet. Everything is super cute and vintage looking.

Hello Kitty Bracelet/Necklace/Headband from Hephzi Creations

Using an elastic band that came with the 3-in-1 Hello Kitty accessory, I was able to make a headband. The headband wasn’t loose either, it fit very secure.  Ignore my messy hair. I took this picture right after my morning shower.  And the picture, totally an iPhone self-portrait.

Hello Kitty Bracelet/Necklace/Headband from Hephzi Creations

Obviously, a plain white t-shirt does not compliment this necklace. Using the extra chain provided, it is now a necklace also.  Super cute!!! It has a great vintage eclectic feel to it. And of course, Hello Kitty just makes it cuter! Ignore the greasy looking hair…focus on the Hello Kitty…..

Hephzi Creations are for all ages…whether it be kids, tweens, teens, and even adults! They are fun accessories and the 3-in-1 bracelet/necklace/headband combo gives so much variety.

You can find Hephzi Creations at the following places online

Facebook, Twitter, Blog, and Etsy Store

Want to hear something even more awesome?

Hephzi Creations is going to be at The Queen Bee Market, which is going on tomorrow October 27th. The Queen Bee Market will take place on Saturday, October 27, 2012 from 9am-3pm in Aliso Viejo at The Aliso Viejo Conference Center, 31 Santa Barbara Drive, Aliso Viejo.

Disclosure: I was provided a 3-in-1 Hello Kitty accessory for review purposes, free of charge via Hephzi Creations. I was not compensated in any other way. Thoughts, opinions, randomness, photos, and even really bad iPhone self-portraits are all taken by me.