Hasbro zAPPed Games

My 7-year old son has been an avid iPad user since he received his as a Christmas gift almost two years ago.  We don’t spend a ton of money and games and apps for the iPad because he usually plays free games.

Although he loves play games on his iPad, he also likes playing traditional board games too.  I was excited to hear about Hasbro’s zAPPed games, which are iPad games with interactive games pieces that you move around on the screen of the iPad.  The games are free online through the App store and the game pieces are purchased for $17.99 and up, depending ont the game.

Just received these fun @HasbroGameNight Spellshot and Battleship zAPPed Edition Games for our iPads. Can't wait to try them out!
I was sent to zAPPed edtion games which were Battleship zAPPed Movie Edition and Spellshot zAPPed Edition.

With the Battleship zAPPed Movie Edition, players use their iPad screen as the playing surface when waging battles. Using proprietary technology, the iPad will recognize which ship pawns are in play and when they are moved.

All of the elements-Earth, Air, Fire, and Water are combined in the mesmerizing and magical game of Spellshot zAPPed Edition.  Once again, using proprietary technology, the iPad recognizes which of the four wizard pawn figures are placed on the screen as players use strategy and skill to “cast spells” with touch-screen gestures.

My son loved playing both of these games on his iPad. It gave him something new and different to play rather than the games that he usually plays which have him “growing something” or “trying to earn more coins”.  I’m really getting tired of the in-app purchases also. Luckily I have restrictions set on all of those but the gamemakers really get tricky with those.  I think my son’s favorite game was the Battleship zAPPed Edition because we own the board game and he also saw the movie recently.  He loved moving all of the ships around on the screen of his iPad. And the best part, he could play the game by himself rather than the board game where it takes two players.

Both games are an approximate retail price of $17.99. They are recommended for ages 8 and up.

Disclosure: I was provided copies of Battleshop zAPPed Movie Edition and Spellshot zAPPed Edition for review purposes. I was not given any cash. All opinions and photographs are my own.