Micro Chargers

Micro Chargers are micro-sized cars which you load into a handheld charger to charge them up.  You then place them on the track to race each other. There are over 30 Micro sized cars to choose from including super fast race cars and loop-the-loop ready stunt cars. You select your Micro car, place the car in the quick charge handheld charger, and then let the car race!  The Micro cars can excel to speeds over 600 mph.

With over 30 Micro sized cars to choose from, there are also three different track packages: loop track, jump track, and time track.  We had the opportunity to test out the loop track.  The car goes up into the loop, around, circles back around, and does the loop again. It is a single car loop, but super fast!

Micro Chargers Review via Angry Julie Monday

A close-up view of the Quick Charge Handheld Charger, The End of The Loop Track, and a Micro Car.

Micro Chargers Handheld Charger, Loop Track, and Micro Car

My son has had a blast playing with this track. He is already asking for more tracks.  We had a party the night that I received the package with the Micro Chargers kit, and the kids played with this toy all night. These kids were ages 4, 7, and 9. They all fun playing with them. So much fun that one of the dads called my husband the other night asking what the name of the toy was.

Micro Chargers requite two AAA batteries (not included), recommended for ages 5 years and up, and have a $19.99 MSRP. They are available at Toys R’ Us and other select toy retailers nationwide.  I think $19.99 MSRP is the perfect price for a birthday party gift. I usually spend about $20, and this set fits right in under my budget.

Micro Chargers has a great video showing how the product works. See below!

Caution: These Micro cars are VERY tiny. I would be careful if there was small children, infants, babies, and even small animals (hungry dogs) around them.  One of the cars almost got lost in the jungle of my son’s bedroom carpeting.

Disclosure: I was provided a Micro Chargers Loop Track Set for review. All opinions and photographs are mine. The video is via Micro Chargers.


I remember when I was a kid I loved these things! They weren't quite as sophisticated back then, but we had plenty of fun with them. We'd run them over and over til my mom got sick of us being loud :)