Seventy-Eight Miles in September

September was INSANE!

I started the month off with the Awesome 80’s Run. Then school started for my son. Then soccer and soccer practices started.

You can’t even imagine how much planning it has taken to get my runs in this month. Working full-time five days a week, shuffling around the kid, soccer practice twice a week, plus soccer games on Saturdays.  Somehow I fit in 78 miles! It would have been 87 miles, but I had a total long run fail on Saturday. I’m blaming the fail on wearing heels to a wedding the night before, and also getting a flu shot.

Ok, maybe I have an addiction to @Saucony Kinvara 3's, but I totally blame @CaseyRuns for being an enabler.

September’s goal was 44 miles and I almost ran double that amount. Crazy! Insane!! And wow, the heat, there was so much heat. I also got another pair of shoes. I love my Saucony Kinvara 3’s and my original pair was getting worn down and had way too many miles on them. I heart these pink, black, and purple ones!

October’s goal is 41 miles.  I can’t wait to support everything participating in this for another awesome month!! This is Half Marathon Month!!  Eeek, I will be running my first half marathon on Sunday, October 7th, the Long Beach Half Marathon.  I’m scared and anxious. Wish me luck!

To see more of my running challenges, and mileage: June, July, and August’s totals!

P.S. I even got up early today and ran 3 miles before work!


Love those shoes! You should be so proud of yourself for keeping your running goals. Go Angry Sunshine!


Holy crap - you are KILLING IT!!! So awesome, so inspirational - go rock the half! :)

Eliza Klinger
Eliza Klinger

Good luck! You'll do a great job and will feel so proud that you accomplished it! I ran my first half marathon 2 weeks ago and loved it and somewhere deep in my brain I'm convincing myself now to run a marathon....Maybe you'll get the running bug too:)


your efforts make my increasing laps around the mall seem pretty pathetic. Since surgery and the tortured muscles that have finally begun to respond to PT, I have gone from barely getting around one lap and now up to 8 laps daily in a month's time. this equals to 500 steps per lap with the final goal being 10,000 steps per day. Pretty lame huh? even tho there is no camparison, your progress does encourage me to be enthused about the task. How does the angry kid feel about a more structured day with school? It is so terrific that you and your hsb are able to do so much and have the engergy to do it.

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