Hello Monday {Decorating, Food, Running, and Soccer}

Hello Monday!

Hello Busy!

Since I have no time to edit all of the fancy photos that I’ve taken with my DSLR lately, I thought I would share a view of this past week via my iPhone. My iPhone4 y’all, not an iPhone5.

Love the "Dance, Just Dance" typeography art that @caseyruns picked up for me @Homegoods. Perfect for my bedroom gallery.

Hello Bedroom Gallery Wall!

My friend, Casey knows me too well. She picked up this “Dance, Just Dance” typography for me at Homegoods. It looks perfect up in the top right corner of my gallery wall in the master bedroom. My husband doesn’t quite get the “gallery wall” theme, but I just keep adding to it anyway.

Kid loved dinner tonight! Thanks to @keepupwithjj and her crock pot bbq chicken recipe! One of our favs!
Hello BBQ Chicken!

With two busy working parents, and a kid with a huge social schedule, dinnertime is getting difficult. The husband and I worked on a menu list for dinners last week. We had Jessica’s BBQ Crockpot Chicken one night for dinner last night. This meal is always a huge hit in our house. We pair it with beans and King’s Hawaiian rolls.

Yoga and a little @nuunhydration this morning. Hopefully I can stretch out my aches and pains this morning before my long run tomorrow.
Hello Yoga!

I admit that I am not a yoga devotee, but a yoga class every once in awhile feels good. Luckily, my friend Doris teaches the class. It is not fancy yoga in a studio, but I don’t mind, mid-morning yoga in a 24-Hour Fitness at a mall. I had my water with Nuun Hydration in it, to help with all of the sweating that I do. I’m quite the Nuun addiction, and I totally blame Kelly!

GoSportID and my Garmin, 11 miles done!

Hello Early Morning Run!

Hello 11 Miles!

What, you didn’t get up at 5am to run 11 miles on a Saturday morning? Running, it is the new cool thing to do. I survived my 11 mile training run for the Long Beach Half Marathon. Two more weeks and I will be doing my first half marathon.

Had a yummy BBQ pizza @BlazePizzaIrv today prior to @mormishmom #pinterestparty
Hello Blaze Pizza!

A yummy lunch at Blaze Pizza in Irvine with friends. This was a pre-party for Kyla’s Pinterest Party.

My view of tonight's @LAGalaxy game. #soccer
Hello LA Galaxy!

We went to the LA Galaxy game on Saturday night. It was our first professional soccer game. It was a blast and highly entertaining. I was amazed at the player’s skills.  It was an event for my son’s AYSO Soccer League.

Hello Monday!

Hello to another busy week with work, school, soccer practices, a 12-mile run, a wedding, and anything else that comes our way!

Is your week as busy as mine?

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Love your bracelet with the reminder to do one thing a day that scares you, that is awesome!!


and im the nuun addict? ha! and gotta love a little yoga action now and then... angry husband doesnt get the gallery wall? lol... do the men ever understand our decorating ideas???


That BBQ chicken looks super-yummy. Ya, I do not run. I am just not that cool, but congrats on doing 11 miles so early on a Saturday morning. I admire that. A lot. ~FringeGirl thedomesticfringe.com


I am off to print out the BBQ chicken recipe! So excited for you to do your first half! Can't wait to hear about it!