Unapologetically Strong

As a working mom, it is hard to find the time to fit everything in.  I am completely Type-A and a complete control freak.  But a few months ago, I realized that I was lacking something.  I was focusing on everything else in my life, but myself. 

After running a 5K race in March, I realized that I could not run as fast as I used to. I was totally upset with myself, because only a few years ago I was doing some kind of race or running event at least once a month.

In May, I decided to sign-up for a Half Marathon Race occurring in October. I’ve signed up for a half marathon before, but totally wimped out because I had not trained for the event.  I was not going to look like a fool this time, and started following a training plan.  If I was going to commit to running 13.1 miles, I was going to train and do it right this time.

By committing to myself and all of this training, I have had to delegate some of the things going on in my life, but I’m ok with that. My house is not as clean as I want it to be. I’ve slowed down on my blogging. And my DVR is almost completely full of TV shows that I need to watch.  I have made this commitment and I intend to follow through with it. So far, I have not missed any of my training runs.  I have made the time even if it means that I’m running at 10pm because I worked all day and attended a function for my son’s soccer league.  Some people think that I’m a bit crazy for doing all of this, but seriously if you put your mind to it, you can do it too!  You just need to find the time in the day for you, and dedicate it for yourself! And as the title of this post says, “Unapologetically Strong”, I am getting stronger and not apologizing to anyone about taking the time away to run.  Honestly, I think my family is happier that I run now, because I tend to scream a little less.  Running is a great way to “think it out!”

This crazy girl got up at 4:30am and ran 9 miles. 19 miles for the week, and 63 for the month so far! Cray cray to the max! #42milesinAugust #runningCelebrating Unapologetically Strong Women:

Whether it’s beating your own personal record, striving to run faster, workout longer, or go above and beyond your regular routine, Degree Women® will be there to provide inspiration along the way. 

The campaign kicks off today, Wednesday, September 12th with a contest hosted on the Degree Women® Facebook page, inviting women to share their own unique and inspiring Unapologetically Strong stories and goals.

By sharing their own stories of their own personal challenges, fans will be entered for a chance to win giveaways from Degree Women® to help on their Unapologetically Strong journey. One winner will also have the opportunity to win the grand prize of $5,000 to spend on achieving their goal.

Erin Andrews tells her own story and how she is “Unapologetically Strong” in this video below.  Erin Andrews is a renowned sports broadcaster who tests limits and boundaries every day to defy stereotypes and succeed as a woman in sports broadcasting.  Erin has partnered with Degree Women to encourage others to accomplish their own personal triumphs (like me and all of this running nonsense).

And speaking of running…I never realized how much I sweat.  I can get pretty funky, especially after running 9-10 miles.  I was given a sample of Degree Women’s Clinical Protection with motionSENSE to try out as part of this campaign.  It worked so well.  And apparently because it is made to work, when you move. Who knew? Seriously, I tried this out, no lie, it works well, and I don’t smell like a men’s locker room.

You can find Degree Women on Twitter as @DegreeWomen and you can also “like” their Facebook Page at Degree Women.

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post from One2One Network and Degree Women®.  I received product and incentives.  All opinions stated are my own.


Jules, this is one of your best posts!!! So happy for you! You deserve to put yourself first. Thanks for being such a great friend and inspiration. @Stacey, when you move next door to Jules. I must visit :)


Julie, You're by BFF an I talk to you all the time, yet not often enough! You are an inspiration and I am so proud of you. We had a conversation last year about changing out lives. I'm do happy you have accomplished or are working on your goals. I wish I could be more like you. Next year your goal is to motivate me. I need to out live your angry husband so that we can live next door to each other and talk crap and watch mindless television together without angry husband bitching. So you need to be more forcefully on me being healthy. Peace out sista! I <3 you (and I'm not even drinking)!


Good for you! I have a hard time committing myself to anything but I have been trying to do yoga at least once a week, baby steps.