GTL vs. WRL aka Work Run Laundry

As they say on Jersey Shore “GTL” (Gym, Tan, Laundry), my life is “WRL”.  What does “WRL” mean? Well in my world right now, it is Work-Run-Laundry with a little bit of this and that in-between.

I’ve been increasing my running the past few months as I’m training for a half marathon in October.  I have also been participating in a little running inspiration online via Marta from Haus of Girls. In June, the goal was #40milesinJune, I did 63. In July, the goal was #45milesinJuly, I did 61. And in August, the goal was #42milesinAugust, I did 74.

Yes, I ran 74 miles while working full-time, traveling to New York, shuttling my son back and forth to summer camp, and dealing with this extreme heat wave in California right now.  You can imagine how much laundry is piling up in my house right now. I’m constantly doing laundry, whether it be work uniforms, running clothes, swim trunks, and/or beach towels, the laundry is quite overwhelming!


I texted this picture to my BFF Stacey on Friday.  Her response, “Dang you are tan. Frick. GTL for you?” This is a typical Stacey response and totally cracks me up. I fixed some of her text language.  She always responds, “Effing Autocorrect”. I told her to turn it off the other day. Her response, “No I like it for the most part. It fixes my drunk texts.” Awesome!

I had my husband take this picture yesterday. He HATES when I ask him to take my picture. Especially when I say, “Um it’s too dark, grainy, bad, omg I look fat, etc.” Just ignore the garage randomness, please.  This was the first time that I wore the tank top that Marta ordered for our little online inspirational running journey in June, “Strong Is The New Skinny”.  I may not be skinny, but I am definitely stronger. I paired it with a Team Sparkle Skirt, of course and my favorite running shoes, my Saucony Kinvara 3’s.

If you are wondering what I did over Labor Weekend, just look at the title of this post. I worked, ran (Awesome 80’s 5K), and did laundry. I also helped out my friends at Team Sparkle with the Disneyland Half Marathon Expo on Friday (post coming later).

And you are probably asking where my kid was the entire time? He was with my parents in Palm Springs. He has a hard life!

Happy September!

P.S. Yes, I actually referred to the TV show Jersey Shore in today’s post.

Lisa @bitesforbabies
Lisa @bitesforbabies

Talking about laundry...I just got back from a 2 month vacay in Italy! Just imagine how much laundry I have to do! ;-) As for me, it's usually gym-cook-homework (I'm a teacher)-and then laundry!!!