A Pinterest Party

A few weeks ago, my friend, Kara Noel had a Pinterest Party at her house. I was super excited to go because I know that Kara Noel was planning big things. She told us to bring $20 and some kind of food dish. She would take care of the rest. I really needed a girl’s night and the party sounded awesome.

Pinterest + Crafts + Friends = Awesomeness!

Fast forward to the day of the party. It was a warm day, and the husband was at work. I usually drop my son off at my parent’s house on Saturday afternoons because I work on Sundays. I called my mom and she advised me that they had concert tickets at The OC Fair that night. She said that she would be over early the next morning. Talk about panic! I then texted my husband whom was at work. He told me to bring the kid to him since he was getting off work soon.Unfortunately, he was 30 minutes away and there was traffic. Ugh, what is a girl to do? So I packed the kid up and went on the road to drop {dump} him off with daddy. Then, I turned around and drove back to South Orange County to Kara Noel’s house.

Because of my “adventure” and “childcare issues”, I had no time to prepare a fancy dish {aka food} to take to Kara Noel’s. But I do have a little standby that I like to make. Plus, I figured that everyone would be making all sorts of sweet treats like cupcakes, etc. I brought and prepared my famous “white goo”. It may not be fancy, but it sure is tasty! My husband’s friends love it!

Fresh Fruit and Fruit DipWhite Goo

8 oz. of cream cheese

1 jar of marshmallow fluff or cream

Mix together = Builds Strong Forearms and Biceps

Serve with Fresh Fruit

Kara Noel had some fabulous craft stations set up throughout her house. She was super organized and planned everything ahead of time. She even made the projects herself for tutorials. I’m not quite sure how she found the time with four kids, a new house, and a business? But she is awesome like that.  Did I mention her new place? Awesome! Huge backyard!! Cannot wait to see all of her completed house projects in the future. The new house has good bones and just needs a little Kara Noel love.

Because I was a little late and exhausted, I chose the projects that I knew I could complete. I’m not dumb, y’all! I can get super lazy with my crafts. I won’t even tell you about the 4th of July bunting sitting on my desk that still needs to be completed.

Orange lizard and silver frog are invading the tiny succulent pot that I made @karanoellawson #pinterestparty tonight.
A little pot full of succulents along with spray painted creatures. Yep, I added the soil and everything all by myself. I painted the lizard orange and the frog silver. They are stuck onto little pieces of wood and nested within the plants. Super cute! And the good news, I haven’t killed them yet!

Project from @KaraNoelLawson #PinterestParty! Vinyl from @thedecallab applied to canvas, paint over, dry, remove vinyl. The gray paint is my "when skies are gray"...addition to the "You are my sunshine"..#JulieHumor

“You Are My Sunshine”. Vinyl decal with “You Are My Sunshine” applied to blank canvas, painted over canvas and vinyl with gray paint. Let the canvas dry. Then peeled off the vinyl. This is my ode to “You are my sunshine…when skies are gray”. I hope some people understand my humor. Did you know that “You Are My Sunshine”  is one of the two official songs for the State of Louisiana?

There were several other “Pinterest Projects” going on during the party, but alas I only got two completed. I was pretty impressed with my two projects though. I would like to say that I got an A+ in conversation though.  It was nice to see everyone and also meet some new peeps. I mostly moved from table to table chatting with everyone, and of course, snacking on the delicious food that everyone brought with them.

Pinterest Party SWAG
All of this and SWAG too? Can you believe it? Kara Noel is like the fairy godmother of crafting. She even whipped up SWAG baskets for all of her guests. How awesome is that? Angry Kid was super excited to see the basket.  My husband told him, “go for it buddy, it is all for you!” The kid really likes crafting!

I had a fabulous time and cannot wait to do something like this again! Have you ever attended a Pinterest Party? Would you like to have one? It’s a great way to get a group of friends together.  This was my first one, and won’t be my last.

All Of The Fun People That Attended The Party:

Aimee: http://www.byaimee.com/
Alissa: http://ragstostitchesblog.com/
Amanda: IG – @amandax5
Andrea: http://www.thetraintocrazy.com/
Andrea: IG – @pascuapartyof5
Ashlee: http://www.growingupathomas.com/
Bev: http://www.flamingotoes.com/
Chela: http://mariselaphotography.blogspot.com/
Drew: http://blog.drewbphotography.com/
Elizabeth: http://www.sewchatty.com
Jaime: http://polkadotsonparade.blogspot.com/
Jill: http://www.sandytoesandpopsicles.com/
Julie: http://joyshope.com/
Julie: http://www.angryjuliemonday.com
Kara Noel: http://www.elislids.com/blog
Kyla: http://funkypolkadotgiraffe.blogspot.com/
Richelle: IG – @richelleparis
Shelby: http://www.feltstories.com/
Stephanie: IG – @4purplebuds

And A Special Shout Out To The Sponsors of Kara Noel’s Pinterest Party!!!

(Yes, some really cool businesses donated to Kara Noel’s Party!)

The Board Dudes

The Decal Lab


Burke Williams Spa

Juice It Up​ (Jeffrey and Trabuco, and The Tustin Legacy)

Pretend City

OC Zoo


Discovery Science Center


This is Carrie
This is Carrie

Seriously cannot believe I wasn't invited to this awesome party! Looks like so much fun! ;)


Wow, what a great idea! I might actually finish a project at one of these parties rather than just start one.:)


So awesome! I'm scared to do a party now, it will never measure up to that extravaganza!


Wow--that looks like an incredibly fun party!!! So jealous! I would be thrilled if I knew anyone hosting one of those. Your fruit and dip looks yummy too--great for summer and a great option for fruit with a touch of sweet.


Oh my, that seriously looks like some awesome fun!

Shelby Barone
Shelby Barone

I am so glad you shared the recipe to that yummy dip! It was so much fun seeing you at the party!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Seriously, probably the only reason that I started and finished a project in a timely manner. I have so many unfinished projects.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

It looked like a ton of work to plan. And the dip is super easy to make and a big hit!! I make it for every party and bbq that we have.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

So much fun! I should have taken a photo of all of the good food. I was spending too much time eating it though.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

I know, it is a really difficult recipe, right? HA! So good to see you too!