Insta-Friday: The Saturday Edition

I’m a day late, but I attempted to be somewhat productive yesterday around the house. Plus, it was way too hot to be sitting on a computer all day, even though I need to play catch up.

Kid is super happy for #blogher12 swag! He said, "Hi mama...can you open your suitcase and so me what you brought home, NOW!"
The kid is very happy with all of the goodies {swag} that I brought back from New York City. He asked where the rest of it was….seriously kid? Ok, I had way too much so I had to mail two boxes back. It arrived yesterday.

He loved the NYPD shirt. #nyc
NYPD shirt. He loved! Win for me!

Love my new patriotic wallet from @Gucci GG Flag Collection. My mommy bought it for me. #olympics
New wallet. My mommy spoils me. My old wallet is 10 years old. I was due for a new one. And perfect timing with the Olympics!

Hello Palm Springs! Hello Heat!
Two-day trip to Palm Springs with family. My parents recently bought a house out there so we will be going there a lot. Although 112 degree heat is not fun.

Who is this kid? Bleach blond hair, dark tan....He has aged so much this summer.
Everything about this kid says, “summer”! Bleached hair from swimming, tan, and no shirt because it is too hot. Carne asada tacos for dinner that night. Yum!

Mike's Black Cherry Hard Lemonade vs. Light Colored Carpeting. #FML
A little accident with a bottle of Mike’s Black Cherry Hard Lemonade and white carpeting. I think we spent about $30 on cleaning products. My mom checked on it today and said the stains look like they are gone. What a nightmare though!

Posing with Big Boy at Bob's Big Boy yesterday. HAD to take a photo!
Posing with Big Boy on the way home yesterday. My son didn’t understand my geekness and that I had to take a picture of him near this.

Watching #BMX on the DVR from Thursday night. #olympics
Watching BMX that was on the DVR from Thursday night. Our life has been consumed by the Olympics the past two weeks. I will be super sad tomorrow night when it is all over.

life rearranged


LOL That is a lot of swag!

Kim Dance
Kim Dance

For carpet stains: denatured alcohol and cotton balls


Lovin' the new wallet and NYPD shirt! And sometimes I do just happens.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Thanks Kim. My mom went and checked out the carpeting on Saturday, and she said that the stain is gone. Yippee!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Thanks!! I wish I would have gotten a bigger shirt for him, but he is totally in between sizes. Love Insta-Mondays. I have been known to back-date my posts sometimes for Insta-Fridays, giggle.