Half Marathon Training

Training plan done. 13 miles are scheduled while I'm at #BlogHer12. I guess I will get up early. #running
Half Marathon Training is underway! I’m running the Half Marathon Race at the 2012 Long Beach ICB Marathon.  The race is on Sunday, October 7, 2012, which is only 72 (seventy-two) days from today.

I am doing the Hal Higdon Novice 2 Half Marathon Training Plan which is 12 weeks long.  I’m in week 2 of 12.  My friend, Casey, suggested this training plan.

I’ve been running between 10-15 prior to starting the plan. But knowing that I have to run a certain distance and certain days is stressing me out.  I will be in New York next week to speak at the BlogHer conference.  I have to run 13 miles in the 4 days that I will be there. 

I’m glad that I researched everything and planned it out in advance.  I used my favorite printable calendars from Kim at TomKat Studio.  I use these calendars for everything. 

If you are wondering what I am doing this summer besides working, and picking up my kid from various camps….I am running….and washing my running clothes, and running some more…

Wish me luck in October! Hopefully I will survive training!


Looks as if your training is going right on plan! You will be fine in NY and can't wait to see you rock LB!

jess potter
jess potter

I'm finishing week 3 of the same plan for my first half marathon too. I'm finally in a routine that involves taking my kids to rec, run/work out, wash never ending pile of running clothes, pick up kids....where did my day go?! Mine is a September race and I worry about he final third of my training when I am back to teaching!! ,keep us posted on your progress!


Good Luck! This was me last year around this time! Although I started training in September for race in December. So excited for you!! You're going to love accomplishing this. :) p.s. See you at BlogHer!!


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