Hello Monday, The Camping Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Reality and Back to Work!

Hello to Roadtrip to Yosemite National Park last week!

Angry Husband’s truck was quite full on the way there. Our stuff plus several other people’s things were packed into the back of the truck.  It was a tad bit embarrassing.

Hello to Inspiration Point at Yosemite!

We left at 2am Sunday morning with some stops in between. So VERY early! Of course, Angry Kid woke up about 3am and was wide awake and quite chatty!


Hello to a waterfront view!

We stayed at the Housekeeping Camp in Yosemite.  This was a our view.

Home for the week. Waterfront view. I hiked a while to get wifi. #yosemite

Hello to lots of hikes while in Yosemite!

Angry Kid went all the way up to the top of Nevada Falls. I was impressed.

High Sierra Loop Trails. I did the Vernal Falls yesterday. My 7-yr old did Vernal Falls + Nevada Falls. Take the distance and double it, which equals there and back. #yosemite #hiking

Hello to Yosemite Falls!

We hiked around lower Yosemite Falls last Monday.

Yosemite Falls

Hello to Angry Kid enjoying his vacation!

He went a wee bit native while on vacation. My BFF, Stacey, said that he looks like “Huck Finn” in the pictures.

Psst….there’s a deer in the top right corner of the picture. The kid didn’t even notice.

Yesterday's hike to Mirror Lake. The kid didn't even notice the deer. Top right portion of the picture. #yosemite #camping

Hello to a ton of laundry and stuff to unpack!
Hello to reality and life in suburbia!

Hello to a busy Holiday week!

Angry Kid will be at soccer camp 4 days this week!


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Lawrence Michaels
Lawrence Michaels

Looks like a nice trip. I've never been to Yosemite, I need to take a trip out there some day.


Lovely! Yosemtie is probably my favorite non-Disney place ever :D

Life As WifE
Life As WifE

Looks like such a cool vacation! The pictures are beautiful!

denise@victory rd.
denise@victory rd.

you were so close i could have said, "hello" in person! yosemite is our backyard (kinda, we're from coarsegold). isn't it breathtaking. every time i go through the tunnel i say "it's not going to take my breath away" and EVERY TIME IT DOES! we had deer in our backyard 4 times last week when my kids were camping out back there...didn't phase my kids either. happy monday!

Jill of All Trades
Jill of All Trades

How cool that deer. Was he excited when you showed him the picture. Fun trip.