Hello Monday, Hello Summer

Hello Monday!

Hello Summer!

Hello to my new running coach!

Isn’t he cute? He’s kinda mean. He yells things at me, like “Mama, you run too slow. You need to catch up! Run Faster!”

My running coach tonight. He might as well had a cattle prod. "Mama, you are not going fast enough. Run faster!" 4.41 done! #40milesinjune
Hello to the end of the school year!

Hello to photos from the first day and last day of school!

First Grade: First and Last Day of School! Hello to the Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano!

Hello to the kick-off celebration for the Chipotle Cultivation Foundation and Billabong “Design for Humanity” Launch Event.

At The Ecology Center in San Juan Capistrano for the @ChipotleTweets Chipotle Cultivate Foundation and @BillabongUSA Farm to Table event. So pretty!
The menu for tonight's Farm to Table dinner. Yum!
Hello Camping!

Hello to Angry Husband’s truck packed full!

We had to add some extra things to our load because other people’s cars were full!

Camping.....or some could call it hoarding.
Hello Yosemite!

I’m editing my photos from Yosemite and I should be posting some tomorrow.

I hiked about a mile to the closest wifi. CRAZY!

My husband thinks that I’m practically dying inside without the Internet.  I’m not…really?


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Mary Trunk
Mary Trunk

Love your running coach. My daughter loves to watch me sweat and pant to ridiculous exercise videos. And tell me how badly I'm doing. And why don't I wear little shorts and little bras and let my belly show?