Too Busy Tuesday-The Weekend Recap

If you are a long-time reader of my blog, you have probably noticed that I’ve slowed down quite a bit around here.  With my work schedule changing a bit, here and there, and with my son’s activities, it is hectic around the Angry Household.  I have only a few minutes to myself some days, and I rather not spend it on the computer.

I have been trying to post my “Hello Monday” post every week, but I was just swamped yesterday.  We are getting ready for a trip and everything has been focused on it lately.

Do One Thing A Day That Scares You.
I found this tank top in the bottom of my dresser last week. I received it when I participated in Lululemon’s Run Club a few years ago while training for a race. I love that I found this tank, especially now that I started running again. Lately, my “One Thing A Day”… is running.  I know that I’m the best or fastest runner, but at least I am getting out there and trying.

Do I have to get out?
Can you tell that summer has started?  I had to drag my son out of the pool at my mom’s house the other day.  The kid is a fish and could swim for hours.

Along my run....
We had a good Father’s Day on Sunday. Angry Husband and I both worked. I got my dad a watch from Angry Kid and me. Angry Husband has been lusting over a backpack, and I got him the backpack that he wanted. Of course, there is a defect on it, so I need to exchange it. But he was genuinely surprised about the backpack. I think Angry Kid is a bit jealous of the backpack, and might try to steal it.

On the weekend, I had a visitor over, Janice from 5 Minutes For Mom.  Angry Kid loves Janice.  It is quite funny how chatty he gets with her.  I like to call Janice, The “Canadian Julie”.  Although, when I’m with Janice, I can see how bad my ADD is.  We took Janice for some American food at Ruby’s Diner.  Janice was sorta freaked out about seeing the calories on the menu at the restaurant.  Janice was here in California as media for California Adventure’s Cars Land opening last week.

Rock of Ages
After dinner, we headed to the movies. We all agreed to see “Rock of Ages” which had just opened that night. Janice wasn’t quite sure on the movie because of the “Tom Cruise” factor.

The movie was so awesome. The casting and the music was phenomenal.  I totally relived my childhood with the music.  I knew all of the words to the songs. How often does that happen?  Seriously, I highly recommend this movie. And Tom Cruise totally redeemed himself. He is still crazy as hell. But he played an awesome has-been rockstar!

Is this week over yet? Can I start my vacation now?

Do you have any summer trips or vacations planned?

Jill of All Trades
Jill of All Trades

I have to tell you I do not like Tom Cruise and have see a smattering of his movies, but, this one I think I want to see.


Oh, I can't wait to see it! I can't believe he actually sings in it!