Hello Monday: The Running Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello First Week of June!

It is almost summertime. I can feel it in the air. Unfortunately, Angry Kid doesn’t get out of school until the 21st of June. Or is that fortunate? I’m not quite sure.

Hello to Running at Night!

I started my weekend (days off) with a little six mile run.  Angry Husband went out for the night, and I took a little tour of the neighborhood.  I’m slowly getting faster…that’s irony for ya.

6 mile run done! My picture is a tribute to @eclecticwhatnot. I'm catching up to you, Ruthanne!! Now I must ice my sore knee. #dailywhineI pulled a Ruthanne and took a picture of my Garmin after my run. I’m catching up Ruthanne!!!

Hello to a little June Challenge!

#40MilesinJune-Strong is the New Skinny!

5 miles done so far!

#40milesinJunePhoto via Haus of Girls.

Hello to Yoga Class!

I took a yoga class last Friday. My friend teaches it. It was hilarious.

Just imagine me, all hot and sweaty…slipping and sliding..all over a yoga mat.

But…I survived!

Hello to Angry Kid and his large appetite.

The kid ate the entire adult-sized waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.

I may have had one too.

He is quite proud of his adult-size waffle with strawberries and whipped cream.

Hello to wearing running clothes as my wardrobe!

I ran again on Saturday.  I had 20 minutes between running and going to the movies with Angry Husband.

“RUN” sweatshirt…a purchase highly encouraged by Danica. She’s an enabler, along with a Nuun hat.

Do I look athletic? Or maybe a sloppy mess?

The @nuunhydration hat and "Run" hoodie totally make me look like an athlete, right? Or just the "I don't want to do my hair and only own running clothes look"??? #runnerd

Hello Monday!

Hello to Four More Days of my Work Week!

Hello to #40MilesinJune!

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LOVE that sweatshirt... and the waffle ;) a sloppy mess?? maybe. but at least you actually do something athletic to get that way! more than I can say for some people I know. (me, lately.)


Sweeeet! You have taken off like crazy, woman!

Jill of All Trades
Jill of All Trades

I'm impressed with the running and the Waffle! I tried the running stuff briefly last year but the knees revolted on me.