Post Holiday Weekend Exhaustion

I feel like I have been on a roller coaster the past few days….go..go..go!

Does anyone else feel like that on these long Holiday weekends?

We started off the weekend with Angry Kid’s school open house on Thursday night.  He walked us around and showed us all of the projects that he had been working on all year.  We got to see how his writing and reading had improved since the beginning of the year, and some hysterical pictures of course.

Angry Kid's open house at school. First grade.

I saw this little project over in the reading area of my son’s school. I guess my son is really “artistic and crazy”?  And hell no, we are not getting two hamsters!

After attending open house, Angry Kid and Angry Husband went out to hang out with friends…and I went and ran….{loving my night running lately}

On Friday, Angry Kid had no school. We totally lounged around until 1pm.  I had to go get my contact lenses from the local mall, and Angry Kid had some gift cards to use.

I complained about some issues with my contacts, and the eye doctor realized that my contacts were too big for me. Of course, as usual, nothing goes smoothly with me. She had to order another trial pair of contacts, because I have “small corneas” and these contacts aren’t sticking tight enough.  Which sorta explains some of the issues that I have been having.

So I was telling @oakleyoc that the kid wants his own pair of @oakley sunglasses. These are a bit wide on his face but too large.
While we were waiting for the eye doctor, Angry Kid starting trying on sunglasses.  I admit it, the kid has good style, but very expensive taste.  He wanted some Oakley’s like daddy.  But the white frames, are so mama! I’m glad that I’ve raised him properly.

On Saturday, I drove out to Egypt Temecula for a birthday party for my friend’s son.  I forgot that it was a Holiday weekend and sat in traffic for two hours.  I loathe traffic and driving out to the Inland Empire.  It was a bowling party and my son had a blast! 

Angry Kid bowling
Dark bowling alleys produce horrible pictures. Angry Kid is wearing a glow necklace in the photo, which makes him barely visible.

On Saturday night when Angry Kid and I got home, my parents picked him up so that he could spend the night at their house. Angry Husband and I both work on Sundays.  Angry Husband ended up dealing with a work-related issue all Saturday night, so of course, what did Julie do?

I went out and ran…..again…

What? All of these activities and it is only Saturday?

On Sunday I worked all day, while Angry Kid was at my mom’s…swimming…I had to drag him out of the pool at 4pm…and then we attended a neighborhood party where he went and swam again…

Angry Kid swam from 12pm-7pm on Sunday. I wish I had that much energy.

On Monday (Memorial Day), I worked while Angry Husband and Angry Kid hung out. Luckily, they went to the grocery store because we had no food in the house. I HATE the grocery store with a passion. 

When I got home, we ended up at another BBQ. Once again, Angry Kid swam all day.

You should see our laundry pile and my to-do list…

Did you have a good weekend? Do anything fun? Any traditions?

Julie Jones
Julie Jones

Wow! That's a crazy busy weekend! I love bowling and I always tag along when my kids' friends have bowling parties. I can't believe your son swam for 7 hours! Did he grow gills?! =)

hollow tree ventures
hollow tree ventures

Whew! That wore me out! I'm pretty lucky - we did very little, and though we did have company almost every day, my husband did alllll the cooking AND cleaned up after himself in the kitchen. He's making it extremely difficult to come up with snarky blog posts. ;)


Wow, I'm exhausted after reading all that! Feels like my days sometimes!


I LOVE that he worries about his ipad!


I'm a fairly new reader to your blog. But ha! You are a very nice person to drive all the way out to Temecula from what I take it is the OC for a kids birthday party. I'd send a gift and a thank you for inviting. Although I do an annual trek to Riverside for a family friends kids birthday, so I understand (I live in the SF Valley). :) Hope the drive was worth it!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Yes, very difficult to come up with snarky blog posts....I need more free time in my busy life to know, about my busy life.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Thanks for reading my blog!!! Seriously, longest drive ever! It was nice to see friends, but I hate the 91 and the 15 South.

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