Hello Monday: The Super Busy Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello new week! 

Hello to a few days off from work!

Angry Husband and Kid saw The Avengers twice this week. Zero viewings for Angry Julie! Totally not fair.  Angry Husband, “I didn’t even know that you wanted to see the movie?”  Obviously, he does not see the eye candy aspect of the movie like I do!

Hello to Angry Kid’s Birthday Invite. 

Angry Kid is having a co-birthday party with a friend from school. I had to be totally OCD and Type-A as usual, and make my own invites. Total P-I-T-A! I do not recommend. BFF Stacey had to solve some dpi issues for me.

Angry Kid's 7th Birthday Invite
Hello to running.

I’ve been running quite a lot lately. I’m trying to catch-up to all of my super fast friends.  It is a complete work in progress.

Follow me on Daily Mile to see my hot mess and daily whining.

Hello Cinco de Mayo!

Happy Birthday to Angry Kid’s friend, Charlie! Best Birthday EVER! 05-05-05

Hello to Mexican Food at Mi Casa with a co-worker.

No Cinco de Drinko for us!

Cinco de Mayo meal at Mi Casa

Hello to Bic Bands.

More things to add to my running addiction. Running accessories.

Love these headbands. They keep my growing-out-pixie-cut-mess intact and out of my face.

That is all that matters.

I got some more at The OC Marathon Expo with my friend, Casey (running superstar).

Snuck over to the @ocmarathon expo with @caseyruns today and got some more @bicbands. New obsession. The glitter ones match my @runTeamSparkle skirts. The skull one, well, I'm a rebel. It ain't easy growing out a pixie cut. #TeamSparkle
Hello to an early work day yesterday, which had me exhausted all day.

I’m not a morning person!

Hello to new running shoes (again)!

I’m having feet issues while running. I think my problem is solved now, hopefully….

Finding the right shoes for running is really a trial and error lesson.

New Balance 1080v2.  

When you over-pronate, have one foot bigger than the other, roll your foot inwards, and have high arches, this is what you get.

(At least they have turquoise on them)

New Balance 1080v2
Hello Monday!

Hello Week!

Hello to no-running related shopping this week.

Somebody please keep me out of Lululemon. It is pretty bad when one of the employees asked me about the wedding that I went to last week.

Addiction much!

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Love your shoes! My beloved Adidas Supernova Adapts are discontinued, so I need to work on finding a replacement.


Love the invite! Have a great week.


Im so over running shoe shopping. :/

Jen Imus
Jen Imus

You are so inspirational with your running!! I wish it was something I enjoyed... You go girl!!!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Thanks....there are some super cool running shoes out there now. I'm sure than these will be discontinued in like a year and I will have to get something else to replace them.

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

Me inspirational not-so-much. Me, fat and out of shape is totally why I'm running. It is easy, but I just want to get a bit faster.