Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello to the end of Spring Break! 

I swear I saw some parents running away with smiles this morning at school.  I was thankful for school to be back in session, Angry Kid needs the structure.

Hello to no more Easter Candy.

My favorite chocolate company, See’s Candy releases this special set of chocolate eggs every Easter. They sell out fast.  So much deliciousness.

The last of my See's Candy Chocolate Eggs from my Mommy. Hello Mr. Bordeaux, I saved you for last.

Hello to a spontaneous trip to the Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.

It was raining outside on Friday, ok no it was pouring cats and dogs.  My entire had that “I’m extremely bored look” on their faces.

I told everyone to get dressed because we were going on an adventure.

Hello to Thomas The T-Rex.

Hello Mr. T-Rex. We endured the rain for  fieldtrip.

Hello to cheesy goodness.  An early dinner at my favorite Mexican food restaurant, Mi Casa.

There is a chicken taco somewhere amongst that cheese.

Cheesy goodness. Get in my belly. There's a taco in there somewhere.

Hello to a sneak preview of the Disneynature Movie, Chimpanzee, in Hollywood.

I went with my BFF, Stacey, her daughter, Stella, and Angry Kid to the premiere.

The face that Angry Kid has in this photo pretty much sums up the day.

More details about the movie in a post later this week.

At the El Capitan, getting ready to see #Chimpanzee. Angry Kid and Stella posing.

Hello to a new work schedule and nobody in my family knowing about it.

My husband called this morning, and asked me, why am I home?  Hello, I told you at least 10 times that my schedule changed.

Hello to another busy week!

Hello to running almost 24 miles last week!!! 

Hopefully, I can keep up with all of these workouts.

Hello to tons of email from The Ultimate Blog Party that started last week.

I’m trying to catch-up, I promise!

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday Series.

Alan Chin Weng Lon
Alan Chin Weng Lon

The chimp looks scarier while the kids looks more funnier than the chimp ... hahaha!! CHeessE to the Chimp then. =D


Um...I would like that "somewhere under all that cheese" chicken taco...please and thank you. read: CHEEEEEEESE!