Hello Monday: Spring Break Edition

Hello Monday!

Hello Spring Break for Angry Kid.

Angry Kid is attending a AYSO soccer camp this week at a local college. He needs to run off all of this energy!

Hello to running again!

I’m slowly trying to work up my pace.  I haven’t really ran much in the past three years.  I used to do a race a month. Not-so-much anymore.

This view is from my neighborhood while I was running on Saturday.

P.S. My friend Casey taught me about a cool running hashtag for Instagram, #seenonmyrun

I just got back from a 3 mile run around the lake near my house today. This was my view while taking a water break.

Hello to Fieldtrip to Bass Pro Shops!

Angry Husband and friends wanted to drive out to Bass Pro Shops.

The people watching is incredible.  Where else can you see a tattoo’ed white guy walking around with a pitbull with a choke collar on, in the gun section?

My son and husband are a bit obsessed with the TV show Doomsday Preppers.  Have you seen it? I blame my BFF for their addiction!

Bass Pro Shops FieldtripHello Easter!

The bunny brought Angry Kid a soccer rebounder (only kid, I get tired of kicking that ball around), some t-shirts, and other random stuff.

I hate buying those cheap crappy baskets so I didn’t this year. The kid doesn’t like candy, so win-win!

He used the plastic eggs to catch bugs, gross!

He is explaining how he is catching bugs in the plastic eggs. #fedorable hat from @elislids. Total Easter hipster with his fedora and his @etnies shirt and shoes.
Hello to four hours of chaos on Sunday afternoon, after our dogs accidently got out.

Hello to find one dog, Bruiser at the local animal shelter.  Someone found Bruiser and brought him to the shelter.

I had to bail him out, and it cost me $70. Someone didn’t pay for the dog license in the past few years.

Our dog, Bruiser

Wolfie is the fast one. We call her the “parolee at large”.  This dog will run for hours and never look back.

When I got back from the shelter, I saw these flyers posted everywhere around my neighborhood.  Someone had found Wolfie, taken her picture, and made these flyers.  Angry Husband went to get our little parolee.  The woman said that Wolfie was covered in mud so they gave her a bath.

Dog drama today. Gate to front yard left open, dogs escaped. Gone three hours. One dog bailed out of dog jail at animal shelter. On my way home, I found these photo plastered everywhere. Nice people found Wolfie the other dog, and made flyers. I'm exhaust

Hello to a shiny padlock being placed on our front gate when the dogs are out!

Hello to another weekend of drama!

What, it’s only Monday?

And people wonder why I have the nickname of Angry Julie???

At least I did five miles on the elliptical today while the kid was at camp. Yay me!

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Making It Work Mom
Making It Work Mom

I am slowly trying to work my running pace up to. I always feel good after the run it is the lack of motivation to actually run that gets me! Bass Pro Shops are always interesting!