Here is a review of my past week via my iPhone.


While I was out dining and watching The Hunger Games with my friends, Angry Husband sent me this picture and titled it “Redneck Kid is Born.” Notice his new hat from Turner’s Outdoorsman. Snazzy!

Angry Kid and his BFF. Life-long friends. A nice sunny day.
Last Saturday we went to lunch with my BFF, Stacey and her daughter, Stella. Yes, my son has a sleeveless shirt on with a temporary tattoo from McDonald’s. We are classy like that. That tattoo needs to go. It has been on his arm for like three weeks!  Just a little observation, but this photo is totally Peeta and Katniss if you are a Hunger Games fan.

A little Easter Egg garland on the mirror. I just found the plastic eggs that I bought on clearance last year. I need some ribbons to complete it.
I did a little Easter decorating by stringing some plastic eggs on fishing line. I’m going to add some ribbon eventually. I usually do some kind of bunting banners to display for the Holidays but I got a little distracted in the past month and forgot to buy the fabric.

He is too involved in his game to realize that the groceries are piled on top of him.
This is how we grocery shop. His only complaint, “the French toast sticks were cold on his feet.” I told him to move the box.

Lunch: @ChipotleTweets, and a little Suzanne Collins.
Lunch during my work week at Chipotle. I’m reading Book Five of the Gregor The Underland Chronicles series from Suzanne Collins.  I’m almost done. I’m going to have Angry Kid read these books this summer. He will love them.

The Four Stages of Homework. This is painful tonight.
And last night, The Four Stages of Homework. Does this look familiar to anyone else? Seriously, once he started writing in his journal he was fine. But motivating him was exhausting.

life rearranged


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! and seriously- wash your kid. that tattoo was there when you road tripped.


I love the little Peeta & Katniss!


Looks like a nice week. :)