How To Catch A Leprechaun, Our Trap

My son’s first major elementary school project assignment came home last week.  The instructions were to build a Leprechaun Trap and then explain how it works.  This was somewhat of a challenge for me as my husband was out of town for two weeks.  He is the project person in our house.

I wanted something a little different than the average Leprechaun Traps that I see online.

Leprechaun Trap

The photo is a bit fuzzy because I took the picture in my kitchen with my iPhone. I went to take a photo of it today with my DSLR and the battery was dead.

I hunted down supplies in my garage, in my little craft storage area, and a mini trip to Michael’s to gather the supplies for the project.

Building A Leprechaun Trap

Step 1: Get a white bucket from the Dollar Spot at Target. Apply Modge Podge and sprinkle with black glitter = for the pot of gold.

Step 2: Small thin circular wood discs from Michael’s.  Paint with gold glitter paint, several coats as glitter paint is thin.

Step 3: Fill “Pot” with bubble wrap as filler, glue wood “gold” discs to top of bubble wrap, place chocolate gold coins on top of wood discs. {Gold chocolate coins were found last minute by Nana}

Step 4: Find a box. Apply green duct tape (there are a ton of colors and patterns now) in rows overlapping each other for grass. I could have spray painted the box, but I am NOT a good spray painter. See note above about husband being the project guy.  Find bunting from my son’s birthday party from last year in office cabinet. Stick bunting into holes in box. Glue down pot of gold.

Step 5:  (Not pictured) Apple black sticky material to box. Glue down pot of gold. Fill in area around edges with moss. I also found some plastic four-leaf-clovers on clearance at Michael’s that we glued down also.

So How Do You Catch A Leprechaun?

You bait the Leprechaun with a nice large pot of gold under a rainbow. The Leprechaun is walking through the greenery and then “boom”, he steps on the sticky surface which is like tar. He gets stuck and cannot move. He has been caught! Also, this trap is not harmful to any member of the Leprechaun Species.

We teach safety first!!!

Tomorrow is St. Patrick’s Day! Don’t forget to wear GREEN!


LOL I love it! You guys did a great job!


That's cute. My kids are on spring break already, so no St. Patrick's Day themed assignments at all for them.


Haha not only is this cute but its a nice looking trap and alot of fun to get the little ones invold and excited about the possibilty of actually cathing a real leprechaun.


This is so adorable! Great job!!

Julie {Angry Julie}
Julie {Angry Julie}

My son is still talking about trapping Leprechauns. It is quite hilarious.

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