Hello Monday

Hello Monday!

Hello to Daylight Savings! 

I did not notice the time change after-effect yesterday, but today Angry Kid and I really felt it.

Hello to Roadtrip this past weekend to visit Megan and her family.

Bless that wonderful iPad for keeping my son busy during our long drive.

Hello to Angry Kid fitting in with Megan’s boys. Three peas in a pod.

Really this photo explains all of their personalities. Hilarious! cc: @wmgg
Hello to crazy boys running around like crazy.

Angry Kid found “his people” this weekend. Usually his friends look at him like he is crazy with all of his ramblings. Megan’s sons, Gavin and Grady were like Angry Kid’s brothers.

Lunch cooking! Yummy tri-tip. @wmgg your husband's meat looks tasty!

Hello to Santa Maria style Tri-Tip.

Angry Kid told everyone that he has never had steak. Riiiight kid. I don’t think he has ever seen a BBQ quite like that and was confused.

Lompoc Aquatic Center

Hello to a birthday party at Lompoc Aquatic Center.

Angry Kid loves water and he had a great time.

Hello to 3.5 hour drive home with kid fast asleep.

Hello to a new week.

Hello to homework and projects like making a Leprechaun Trap this week for Angry Kid’s homework assignment.

Hello to Angry Husband coming back from his trip this week.

Will I survive it all?

I’m linking up with Lisa Leonard and her Hello Monday Series.


haha! he found his people... its SO true...


These angry kids are soooo cute! I know you really had a great time spending your weekend. Did you had a swimming party? Awesome!

Lynda @Me and My Pink Mixer
Lynda @Me and My Pink Mixer

Sounds like you had a great weekend! Angry Kid is so cute - I love the pic of all three of them in the cart together. Glad he found his people :) Have a fantastic week Julie!